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Sydney, Australia

This slideshow gives you a brief history about Sydney, Australia and what it is trying to improve on. I hope you will learn a lot from this Prezi!

Chata Pratt

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Sydney, Australia

Current Engineering Projects The Lord Mayor of Sydney is Clover Moore.
This is her third term. She has been mayor since
2004. Australia is a liberal country. Government / Politics Sydney is a good place to live because
there are many arts and entertainment.
Sydney also has many colleges and universities that major in the arts. The scenery is beautiful in Sydney. Why is Sydney a good place to live? How is Sydney attractive? Sydney attracts a lot of tourist each year.
Many people come to see the opera house.
But some come to see the Great Barrier Reef.
Sydney has beautiful white sandy beaches and azure blue waters. Engineering Achievements One of the greatest engineering achievements
in Sydney in the Opera House. It was built by a Danish architect named Jørn Utzon in 1973. It cost
102 million dollars to build. A current engineering project that is in Sydney is
the Snowy Mountains Scheme. its objective is to
diverts the rivers of southeast Australia to the west to provide water for irrigation and generate peak load electricity for the states of South Wales and Victoria. The project brought together over 100,000 workers from 30 countries, some of those who have created 16 dams.

http://www.smec.com/about-smec/company-history Sydney, Australia! Is Sydney Green? Sydney is becoming one of the world's leading
green cities. The City of Sydney Council is the
first nation to become carbon neutral. The council is also going to low-impact energy and water to the city while connecting it via green networks and infrastructure hubs. This project is called "Sustainable Sydney 2030". Sydney has also had
1,000 trees planted in the inner city during 2008,
30 rainwater tanks installed to provide water for the city’s green spaces, 1,200 solar parking meters to save 1.4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year and 49 water harvesting and recycling systems being built at key sites.

http://www.businesseventssydney.com.au/why-sydney/green-sydney/ What will Sydney look like
in the future? I think that Sydney will be a very green,
innovative city that will have creative, energy
saving technology. Unlike most countries, Australia has a plan for everything and their economy is quite stable. I do think that Sydney will be the last city standing since they are so prepared. Is Sydney a beautiful city? I think Sydney is a beautiful city
because the people are genuine. Australians are known to be down to Earth. They are often unselfish and are humble about their achievements. To me that is the root to Sydney's beauty. Would I love to live in Sydney? I would love to live in Sydney. This place
would be perfect for me because I want to
be a marine biologist and there is a lot of
marine wildlife in Australia. The Barrier Reef for example, is home to a lot of fish and crustaceans. A lot of marine biologist study there. Questions / Inquiries I would like to know what food
in commonly eaten in Australia.
I would also like to know if Australia is keeping up with new technology that is constantly changing our world. http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/australia/images/32220119/title/sydney-wallpaper
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