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OIT - ITS Org Chart

Organizational Breakdown of the OIT - ITS Dept.

AV Coord

on 3 January 2018

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Transcript of OIT - ITS Org Chart

Rick Arnold
Leif Fuller
Director of Instructional
Technology Services
Mark Walker
Manager of Lecture Capture Center
Labs and Classrooms Manager
Gordon Frey
Brian Myers
CAVS Field Tech
Audio Visual Manager
Student Team
Niles Davidson
Alijah Mahanera

Claire Zaro
OIT: Office of Information Technology
ITS: Instructional Technology Services
James Hatfield
CAVS Systems Integrator
Inge Wortman
IDSC Manager
Doug McCartney
UNST Lab Specialist
Nicole Buckner
Currently One Student Technician
NH Lab Specialist
Dylan Paris
Kelly Miller
AV Events Tech
CAVS Systems Integrator
David Burrow
AV Events Tech
AV Events Tech
Ryan Rusby
AV Event Tech
Austin Williamson
Michelle Webber
Fiscal & Academic Services Sr. Director
Kirk Kelly
Associate Vice President & CIO
Jerrod Thomas
User Support Services Director
Brenna Kutch
Admin Services Manager
Shelly Merry
Executive Support
Roosevelt Sowka
Nick Buono
Service Desk Ops Associate Director
Kai Belladone
IT Consultant
Phyllis Boulton
IT Consultant
Sho Ikeda
Helpdesk Team Lead
Emily Shanaberger
Cj Hummel
Ken Burns
Network Analyst
Drew Goss
Labs And Classrooms Team Lead
Nate Henry
DST Team Lead
Court Wangsgard
IT Consultant
Dylan Jennings
Stephen Rice
Aaron Halim
JD Gillis
Sharon Helms
John Montgomery
Rita Snodgrass
Distance Learning Apps
Technical Content
Academic Systems Specialist
Network Analyst
USS: User Support Services
Business Line Applications
IT Consultant
Matty Lewis
Jackie Vo
Purchasing Agent
Eleanor Meyer

Kristen Bateson
Kegan Bake-Listy
Ez Armijo
Eric Nambo
IT Accessibility Coord
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