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Mr. Fussell, Russian Revolution and Animal Farm

No description

Daniel Fussell

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Mr. Fussell, Russian Revolution and Animal Farm

Russian Revolution
Animal Farm

The Philosophy of Communism
In 1848, two men by the names of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote a pamphlet entitled The Communist Manifesto.
Communism is a way of thinking in which there are no social classes in a society. Instead, everyone as a community would own the means of production (factories, farms, etc.) and everyone would share the profit.
Marx is quoted as saying, “Workers of the world, unite!”
During the early 1900’s Russia was led by a insufficient leader, Tsar Nicholas II (a tsar is a king).
In 1904, a war broke out between Russia and Japan. Russia suffered one humiliating defeat after another.
News of the military disasters unleashed pent-up discontent created by years of oppression by the common people.
On Sunday January 22, 1905, Russian workers marched towards the Tsars winter palace for a peaceful protest. They were chanting prayers and singing hymns.
Fearing the people, the Tsar fled the palace and sent troops outside.
Shots rang out and hundreds of men and women fell to the ground wounded or dead. This is known as “Bloody Sunday”.
The people claimed,
“The Tsar has deserted us!”
?Who is Tsar Nicholas II in Animal Farm?
?What event is Bloody Sunday in Animal Farm?
New Leadership
Eventually problems in Russia reached a point where Nicholas II was asked to step down, and he did.
A new leader named Lenin came into power.
Lenin converted communism to fit into Russian society. He established Russia as a communist country.
?Who is Lenin in Animal Farm?
After Lenin died in 1924, a power struggle was created between two men named Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin.
Trotsky was a brilliant Communist thinker, and urged people to spread communism throughout the world.
Stalin was a political operated, and wanted to concentrate on building socialism at home first.
?Who is Trotsky in Animal Farm?

?Who is Stalin in Animal Farm?
Eventually, Stalin stripped Trotsky of his political power and the secret police, KBG, ran Trotsky out of the country. An agent of Stalin later killed Trotsky.
Stalin now took over as a dictator.
Russia's government, prior to the revolution, was set up like a feudal system

of Russian's were serfs/peasants.
After Lenin took over, a bloody war endured for 3 years between the Reds (revolutionaries) and the Whites (counter revolutionaries who were made up of old Tsarists).
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