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Be an Upstander!

a Presentation on the difference between bystanders and UPstanders. In addition, you will learn strategies on how to deal with bullies and those who pick on you.

Tabitha Panariso

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Be an Upstander!

BE COURAGEOUS Use the Strategy Guide
Try It for Yourself Finish Start

Do you have the courage to stop bullying in it's tracks?

Activity Be An UPstander! Taking Action Against Bullying What ROLE do YOU play? -You will be divided into groups of three or four

-You will be given a situation in which an individual is being picked on or bullied.

-Each participant will play a role- bully, bystander, UPstander, and the person being bullied.

-In each scenario, you will demonstrate using one or two of the HA HA SO strategies.

-When you are done, you will perform your skit for the class, who will then guess which strategies you used. H A H A S O Help Sometimes it is best to ask other people for help, especially in a threatening situation.

Seek help if other strategies aren't working.

Remember when you tell a grown-up what is happening it isn't tattling, you are "reporting" the issue.
Assert Yourself The best way to do this is by using an "I statement"

An "I statement" is worded like this:
(Name of Person),
I feel____________
when you__________________________
please_________________. Humor Remember that the person WANTS to make you upset. So, instead of getting mad, try using a sense of humor, in a positive way.

Be ready with a joke OR
say something totally silly and/or ridiculous.
Don't make fun of the person.

Remember, walk away. Avoid Try to stay away from the person as best as possible. Avoiding works, because you are not near the person who is bothering you. Self-Talk Own It Deflect a put-down by "owning" it
and then walk away. Sometimes what they say may be partly true.
-Walk Away
-If you don't yet feel confident asserting yourself....
-Doesn't always work with group bullying -Best for when you are alone.
-Join with others rather than staying by yourself, bullies tend to bother those who are by themselves. Feeling good about yourself is your best self-defense. If you don't appreciate yourself, the bully will try to talk advantage of you. Rehearse mental statements to avoid being "hooked" by the person's words. practice these strategies in any order, in any combination, or numerous times.

You can use these individually or while standing up for another person.

If they aren't working, quickly leave the situation, you can always try again. Combine this with humor strategies such as, "Yeah, this IS a bad haircut. The lawn mower got out of control this weekend."

Combine with assertiveness, such as, "Yes, I did fail the test and I don't appreciate you looking at my paper." An example would be that if you are made fun of for wearing glasses, you could respond by saying , "All the better to see you with." -Speak strongly and firmly!
-Face person directly
-Look person straight in eyes
-Use good choice of words
-Don't stand too close or too far
-Stay calm YOU! the ability to do the right thing even though the wrong thing seems easiest or has the least opposition. It's time to be courageous and learn to be an UPstander. You did it. Who can you go to? Use positive self-talk in ALL strategies. This is all about CREATING A DISTRACTION!
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