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keril kah

on 13 September 2014

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School Resource Center (SRC) plays an important role in the system education in Malaysia. Increasing importance is reflected in the government's efforts to create a top student, creative and critical thinking not only in academically but also in extra-curricular. Therefore SRC should offer reference materials that students are more motivated to respond government's call.

To ensure the performance of teaching and learning can be improved, a collection of materials available in the SRC is an element that must be taken seriously. These activities play an important role in ensuring the SRC program integrated with school programs. These activities must meet the needs of teachers, administrators and students at the school. In addition, the collection of materials on the SRC must be appropriate to the level of development and learning styles of the students in the school. In this task, we have stated a few ways of learning which is computer literacy,book festival, and nilam program.

The energy and the teachers need to equip themselves with the latest technological knowledge preparations to ensure the achievement of intent education. Educators are able to develop individual potential students under his guidance. Accordingly encouraged teachers learn how to teach the use of equipment and facilities as well as technology skills and learn new approaches Among the activities that can be done at SRC is computer literacy. Computer literacy is certainly a very widely interpreted concepted. It would seem to be most often defined with some kind of technical competency in mind.

It has also been abused by employers who seek employees with computer skills, despite ( or possibly because of ) its being vague to define. Computer literacy also is effective essential computer skill for children to adapt with the situation in school resource center.

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