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Kiowa indians

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Kiowa indians

The Red River war of Texas in 1874 the objective was to remove the Comanche Kiowa southern Cheyenne Arapaho indian tribes from the southern planes and force their relocation to reservations in indian territory
Girls wore leather from deer that covered their whole body,Men wore leather hats and leather that covered their whole body.
The Kiowa indians lived in a TP because they were always mobile
Tools and Weapons
Bow and Arrows
Medicine and Health
The Kiowa indians used plants and flowers for their health and medicine.
They used Mayan and sassafras leaves and aloe veraphant gel

the Kiowa indians shared land with the Comanche indians. their language is close to the pueblo language
How the Kiowa got Food
The Kiowa Hunted White tailed deer Bison they and buffalo meat . They also collected plants and berry's
Kiowa indians

Regain of Texas
The Kiowa lived in the southern great plans

With the Comanche indians
Tribal roles and government
The men hunted with dogs the women gathers fruit and berry's.
everybody was organized by age
There was a chief .
The Kiowa art
The Kiowa made cave drawing and drew on leather
The Kiowa lived in TP because they moved alot
The kiowa believed in a supernatural power and constilations and had a high respect for Bison, Bear and eagles.
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