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Sierra Leone

No description

Samantha Feaster

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Sierra Leone

What is the issue in Sierra Leone?
By: Micah Chappell, Samantha Feaster, Deni Primmer, Caleb Lubell
Block 2
Who is involved in the issue?
Even though the civil war ended the country is still having rebel out bursts.
Five things that could have been done to prevent this conflict from happening again?
Foday Sankoah, he started the civil war in 1992 by capturing towns on the border of Uganda.
Captian Valentine Strasser, he overthrew Jospeh Momoh, the president at that time.
Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, Strasser's defence minister, and later overthrew Strasser in 1996.
Major Johnny Paul Koroma Junta suspended the consitution.
Nations Secretary- General appointed a Special Envoy, Mr. Berhanu Dinka (Ethiopia) (appointed in 1995).
United Nations, they helped impose sanctions and sent arms and petroleum products into Sierra Leone.
This is RUF leader Foday Sankoh. The RUF stands for Revolutionary United Front, the organization that started the Civil War.
Outcomes of the Civil War
The main war was ended with the help of the UN. However small bands of rebels still try to take down the government but with the help of the UN, they(the government) have been repelling all attempts of rebellions. As for the economy there has been substantial growth in recent years, but Sierra Leone remains at bottom of UN's league for human development.
Basic informantion
The conflict started in 1991 and did not end until 2002.
Democracy consolidated at 2012 elections, the first held without UN supervision.
Sierra leone is located in northwestern Africa.
Work sited


After the war ended, many towns needed major repairs to buildings and houses.

Timeline of the Civil War
1991 - The start of the civil war. Former army Corporal Foday Sankoh and his Revolutionary United Front (RUF) begin campaign against President Momoh, capturing towns on border with Liberia.

1992 - President Joseph Momoh was overthrew in a military coup led by Captain Valentine Strasser; apparently frustrated by failure to deal with rebels. Under international pressure, Strasser announces plans for the first multi-party elections since 1967.

1996 January - Strasser ousted in military coup led by his defence minister, Brigadier Julius Maada Bio.

1997 - Peace deal unravels. President Kabbah deposed by army in May.

1997- Major Johnny Paul Koroma, in prison awaiting the outcome of a treason trial, leads the military junta - the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC). Koroma suspends the constitution, bans demonstrations and abolishes political parties.

1997 October - The UN Security Council imposes sanctions on Sierra Leone barring the supply of arms and petroleum products. A British company, Sandline, nonetheless supplies "logistical support", including rifles, to Kabbah allies.

1999 January - Rebels backing Revolutionary United Front leader Foday Sankoh seize parts of Freetown from Ecomog. After weeks of bitter fighting they are driven out, leaving behind 5,000 dead and a devastated city.

1999 May - A ceasefire is greeted with cautious optimism in Freetown amid hopes that eight years of civil war may soon be over.

1999 July - Six weeks of talks in the Togolese capital, Lome, result in a peace agreement, under which the rebels receive posts in government and assurances they will not be prosecuted for war crimes.

1999 November/December - UN troops arrive to police the peace agreement but one rebel leader, Sam Bokari, says they are not welcome. Meanwhile, Ecomog

2000 April/May - UN forces come under attack in the east of the country, but farworse is in store when first 50, then several hundred UN troops are abducted, and there troops are attacked outside Freetown.
1- Sign a peace treaty.
2- Call for a ceasefire and have it closely monitored.
3- Stop trading with anyone who may have been supporting the conflict.
4- Have a mission monitor and advise efforts to disarm combatants and restructure the nation's security force.
5- Have all parties that are apart of the conflict sign an agreement to end hostilities and form a government of national unity.

Sierra Leone continous to keep the peace in its country by continously putting down small rebellions.
The following statistics are from the 10 years
during the war in Sierra Leone.
These preventitive measures were used by Sierra Leone and have helped them stay peaceful country.
Rebels headed towards heavy fighting.
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