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Me, Myself, and Time

No description

Dana Rodriguez

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Me, Myself, and Time

Dana Angeli Rodriguez Table of Contents Resources Performances
Performances Writing Travels Artwork Travels
The Princess and the Pea Since I was little I have always wanted to perform on stage,
in 5th grade I landed a very small role in the play called "Fiddler on the Roof." Summer 2010 I landed the role of Lady Hildegarde. The End
<3 Philippines 2011 Poems Since 7th grade, writing has filled my free time. I love writing poems and stories that reflected a part of my life. Writing has also made me start thinking of writing songs. Awards came with these many achievements. Writing The Frog Prince Then I started performing on stage again, with a play called Piped Piper, in 7th grade. Mime Show 2010 2011 All photos used are mine. Wisconsin Dells 2010 I will always enjoy acting different characters and entertaining people. Me performing my long monolouge. The whole cast of the Frog Prince. I have traveled in many places and each one a very special and different trip. I was Ollie the Aspen Tree. This was performed at the Performing Arts Center. "Peanut Butter and Spider Sandwich" is the title of my momolouge. <3 =) Art has been a part of me since I was tiny toodler. Behind me are the Hundred Islands. Touching the beautiful water of Hundred Islands. My family <3 Jollibee one of the most popular fast food restaurant in the Philippines. My school from before, students in the background are in their uniforms. Can you find where I am? This is what you get when you eat something blue. Am I too old for this? <3 My brothers <3 Curtain Call! Haha! Unfortunately I couldn’t get any pictures of these two special performances. Me, my cousins, my uncles, and my brothers in Pangasinan. The Fall Days recieved a 1st Place award for Yahara River Writers. This is the poem I recently created. This poem is about my brother Dale. The shoe I painted for Art class. I personally love this illustration I made. This got published in the Yahara River Writers 2011 book. This picture took me the longest time to work on. These are only two of the many trips I have been on. Artwork <3 =) Writing Writing
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