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Parents Opposed to Profit

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Lynne Shinozaki

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of Parents Opposed to Profit

Problem no.1 "Traffic"
Problem no.3 " Environment"
Problem no.2 "Accidents"
If there will be more and more vehicles near the school, there will be a possibility that a car accident will occur. The students needs to cross the road at least once a day to go to the class in Phase 2.
Yangmingshan village is a peaceful place where students and staff can work safely. If there will be a construction of a supermarket, there will be a lot more people visiting for shopping. Then, the area will be busy and unsafe.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What is POP?
Problem no.4 "Education"
POP is a group of parents who are against the idea of building a supermarket near Taipei European School.

They don't like the idea of building a supermarket because of several problems which could occur by the construction, which will affect the school.
If there will be noise heard during the lessons every time, it will affect the students' learning. This will be a problem because the students won't be concentrated enough to learn. They wouldn't be able to concentrate on their work, cannot hear what the teacher is saying, which might be a problem in the future too.
Parents Opposed to Profit
The roads and the area near TES will be congested with traffic when the construction of the supermarket completed. Traffic means more pollution and noise, which could affect the students' health and learning.
About 3287 people die because of car accidents every day. More than half of the people are young people, aged from 15 Therefore, there are possibilities that the TES students could have car accidents.
By Lynne Shinozaki
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