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Thematic Statement

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Danielle Foord

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Thematic Statement

Social Studies: Japanese Internment Camps
On December 7, 1941 the attack on Pearl Harbor launched the suspicion for Japanese people around Canada. In British Columbia there were fears those Japanese workers who worked in the fishing industry were charting the coastline for the Japanese navy spying on the Canadian military. On February 24, 1942 an order in council had been passed under the Defence of Canada Regulations of the War measures Act that had given the federal Government power to intern all “persons of Japanese racial origin”. The Canadian government completely stripped the Japanese people of their culture, rights and freedoms by forcing them into these camps. The living conditions in these camps were brutal and unfair. They were placed in stables and barn yards where they lived with no privacy and in a very unhygienic environment. Japanese spent cold Canadian winters with no heat in their stables except a small stove. The Canadian Government did not care if they had no proof of all Japanese committing a crime either way they terminated all rights from every individual of the Japanese race. The Canadian government was trying to protect society’s collective rights by terminating all individual rights of the Japanese people.
Sacrificing individual rights for the collective/ society
"I am not a happy man, Ender. Humanity does not ask us to be happy. It merely asks us to be brilliant on its behalf. Survival first, then happiness as we can manage it."

Challenges to Getting up into Space
Challenges to Living in Space
Thematic Statement

Society threatens to challenge
individual excellence to promote
~Danielle Foord

In the novel Ender's Game there were many similarities to the situation with the Japanese Internment Camps. The soldiers in Ender's Game were chosen to work for the International Fleet because of their mental ability. The Japanese people were chosen by the Canadian Goverment because of their ethnic race. The International Fleet job is to protect all of humanity on earth from the bugger's threats in space. They chose the soldiers to sacrifice individual rights to ensure that all of humanity stays secure. the soldiers chosen to go to battle school will never be the same. Their own humanity had been affected in order to protect the majority of the world. Both Japanese and Soldiers had their rights stripped away for the benefit of society.
Obstacle: Staying Clean/ Personal Hygiene
Staying clean and keeping up with your personal hygiene is very different in space then it is on earth. Each astronaut has their own personal hygiene kit that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush and shavers. In space there is no sink or shower so everything is done very differently.
For example astronauts in space use edible toothpaste and spit into a washcloth in order to reduce the use of water. When showering in space astronauts have sponge baths and use no- rinse shampoo.
Example Ender's Game:
In the novel Enders Game everything was very advanced. When living in space you do not have showers with water you have special soaps and shampoos that do not need water to use. In the movie while Ender was in battle school he could have showers the same as he could on earth with water and normal soaps.
When people go out into the desert there is low water supply so in order to keep up with their personal hygiene they use edible toothpaste too and no- rinse shampoo.
Obstacle: Staying Neat
In space you still have many chores to do in order to keep the shuttle clean just like we keep our houses clean on earth. Astronauts need to do dishes, wash walls and floors, wash windows and take out the garbage.
In order to wash dishes, walls, floors and windows in space the astronauts use wet wipes and special germ killing soap. On the space shuttle they have four garbage bins one for wet garbage and three for dry garbage.
Example Ender's Game:
In Enders game there was no direct example of staying neat. The soldiers never had to do any set chores except keep their personal bed area clean.
On earth we use wet wipes as well as a fast resort to cleaning. In schools wet wipes in classrooms come in very handy to keep germs from spreading. Washing desks and chairs once everyday with wet wipes benefits everyone. On earth we also have a variety of trash and recycle bins. We have a compost bin which is very much like the wet garbage bin on the space shuttle.
Obstacle: Eating
Eating in space requires some special considerations. While orbiting around the earth, astronauts live and work in microgravity so crumbs and dry foods float around if not contained. Non-contained food can contaminate the space shuttle.
A solution to eating in space is the astronauts try and eat wet sticky foods such as pudding, stews and oatmeal because it sticks to the utensil long enough for them to transfer to their mouth.
Example Ender's Game:
In the movie Enders Game when the soldiers were in the cafeteria if you noticed that all their food was compressed together in small proportions on their plate. The reasoning for the food being compressed together is to avoid the harmful food chunks floating around the battle school.
While preparing our food here on earth we try and avoid crumbs just as much as they do in space. All food we have is always contained in some sort of bag, tuber ware container, box and can which keeps out all germs that could contaminate our food.
Obstacle: Working
Astronauts have a large amount of work to complete while living in space. Tasks range from operating state-of-the-art robotics equipment to conducting space science experiments on behalf of scientists on the ground. Also while the astronauts are living in space they are responsible for repairs and maintaining a clean environment or food preparation. While living in space they may have to play the role of a housekeeper, construction worker, scientist and doctor etc.
A mission control designs a detailed schedule for each crewmember. The schedules also allude time for rest and exercise. Every day there will be a record of what and how much work you have completed that day.
Example Ender's Game:
In Enders Game the boys had many responsibilities such as keeping their personal space clean, completing work for classes and practicing for battles. Each army in Enders Game had certain times they were allowed to go eat, practice and sleeping times.
Having a very organized schedule in any job is very beneficial. Being a high school student or even a office worker your day consists of you going to a lot of places at certain times and having a timed organized schedule with breaks helps everyone work more efficiently.
Obstacle: Sleeping
Sleeping: When in a weightless environment you can sleep wherever you want. Sleeping on the wall is the same as sleeping on the floor; astronauts do not need to use a mattress. But some astronauts sleeping in a weightless environment feel unfamiliar sensations.
Astronauts can sleep in individual sleeping compartments that have a pillow, sleeping bag, air vent and a place for personal belongings. Those who prefer to sleep outside the units can use head phones and facemasks to block out light and noise. When they chose to sleep outside their units they can secure their sleeping bag either to the floor or the wall.
Example Ender's Game:
In the novel and movie Enders Game each army had their own sleeping barracks. Each solider had their own space for personal belongings and their own bed in battle school.
On earth when going camping or on an outdoor adventure we always use sleeping bags such as the astronauts do on the space shuttle. In our homes we all usually have our own room for sleeping and personal belongings.
Obstacle: Cost
One of the biggest problems with traveling to space is cost. According to The Astronomy Café, the cost of sending anyone or anything into space was $10,000 a pound as of 2003. The high cost of traveling to space causes many to view it more as a luxury instead of a government program.
Tons of funding is needed to be made to send someone up into space. The Astronomy Cafe reports that while NASA received 5 percent of America's federal budget in the 1960s, it received only 0.7 percent in 2003.
Example Ender's Game:
When Graff traveled down to earth he had mentioned many times about how expensive him traveling to earth was. He had stated that he only will travel to earth and back to space if it was that important.
Space exploration helps benefit everyone on earth by educating us about our universe. We should all help fund to keep the exploration and education updated.
Obstacle: Cancer
Cancer: When traveling into space you could potentially be exposed to high doses of galactic cosmic rays (solar flares that spew highly energetic particles into space). The galactic cosmic rays create radiation that can increase the chance of an astronaut getting cancer.
Shielding: for example if you are traveling to mars in order to decrease the risk of exposing yourself to radiation you will need to be equipped with shielding sufficient. Conventional aluminum shielding would be way to thick and heavy a better choice would be water, which absorbs the radiation.
Example Ender's Game:
In the novel and movie Enders Game when they were traveling up into space they did not wear much protection over their bodies. They only wore thin jumpsuits. In the real world when traveling to space you wear a large amount of protection over your body. When in battle in the book Enders Game the soldiers wore flash suits to protect themselves from the enemies shot.
The nuclear power plant on earth uses water as well to block out radiation. Just as the astronauts use water to block radiation and chance of getting cancer.
Obstacle: Gravity
The change in gravity while traveling to space can really effect the human bone and muscle mass. long stays in microgravity environment can severely weaken explorers. The lack in gravity "could be cosmic kryptoite" to astronauts.
Solution: Flying Gyms, Pharmaceuticals, Spinning Spaceship
Exercise can really reduce the medical illness caused by the microgravity. On the international space stations astronauts spend at least two hours a day exercising and running on a treadmill. Nutrition is also a huge part of decreasing the illness from living in a weightless environment. the roating spaceship would create artificial gravity that would keep the astronauts in good shape.
Example Ender's Game:
When all the launchies at the beginning of the novel were taking off into space one of the boys started feeling ill and ended up being sick because of the instant change in gravity.
On earth we love to stay fit and live a healthy life style. In gyms and homes we use treadmills as an alternative to running outside in order to get our daily exercise in. The astronauts run on treadmills to help with the illness caused by space exploration.
Obstacle: Time
With the advanced technology today a round trip to mars would take two to three year. The trip taking that long would resort in being forced to taking more supplies and going that slow you could be in danger of a collision with a meteoroid. Also the longer voyages in space could lead back to being exposed to the radiation.
Solution: Speed Up the Trip
Chang- Diaz is developing very advanced plasma propulsion system that would cut the round trip time on mars missions to five months. Magnetic fields guide super hot plasma out of an engine nozzle producing a large amount of thrust from the Specific Impulse Magneto plasma.
Example Ender's Game:
In the novel Ender's Game one example of long time travel was when Graff Ender and Valentine were traveling to Eros. Throughout the novel there was many references towards the long time travel.
We could potentially use the advanced plasma propulsion system to travel from place to place around earth faster.
Obstacle: Safety/ Technology
Before astronauts are allowed to be sent out into space they need to investigate the hazards and obstacles that could occur during the duration of the time travel. In our modern world we have tons of knowledge on space but in order to find out in depth information on a planet they need to physically travel there. The problem is that we can never see the full image of the planets and the obstacles that could endanger you while traveling to space.
Example Ender's Game:
Throughout the movie and novel Ender's Game there is many advanced technology that all the soldiers and commanders get to use. The space shuttles they use to transfer the soldiers from earth to mars are very advanced and fast.
All the advanced technology that has been created helps us in many ways with our everyday life. We can learn more about space due to the amount of space exploration that now is happening because of the technology. Also we as humans now rely on technology to make our lives easier.
The quote above that I have chosen from the novel Ender's Game has a clear connection to the theme Sacrificing individual rights for the collective/ society. The quote is explaining how Ender is being used as a tool in order to save humanity. Ender's individual happiness does not mean anything until he can defeat the bugger threats and save the world. In order for Ender to live up to saving the world he has to leave everything behind.
In my opinion challenging ones individual rights does not always benefit society. If they are alerting ones individual rights it changes the collective rights of society not always in a beneficial way. In Ender's Game yes it was very beneficial to give up your individual rights to work for the International Fleet in order to save the world. But the only reason the war had even stared was because of the lack of communication between humanity and the buggers.
Japanese connection to Personal Thesis Statement: The Canadian Government challenged the individual excellence of the Japanese people because of the suspicion of the Japanese Canadian citizens of being on the japanese side. Stripping away their rights brought more power and ambition to the Canadian Government.
This is a picture expressing how the Japanese were trapped so tightly into these camps.
Ender is commanding the war to save humanity from the buggers.
We now have tremendous advanced rockets and spaceship technologies to send out astronauts into near earth orbit around the moon. These advances will eventually make it possible for astronauts to travel to multiple planets.
Ender's Game Project
Science and Humanities
Thank You for Watching
Danielle Foord
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