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Applying to the U of U: What now?

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Paul Fisk

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Applying to the U of U: What now?

Applied to the U of U: What now?
After acceptance to the U: Next steps
Scholarship resources
Need to appeal an admission decision?
After acceptance: More steps
5. Register for Orientation: http://orientation.utah.edu/transfer/orientation.php
6. Submit proof of immunizations (2 MMR vaccinations, U of U $66 per injection): http://studenthealth.utah.edu/services/immunization-requirement.php
7. Look for U of U support/success departments - Career Services - http://careers.utah.edu/
SED - http://diversity.utah.edu/student-groups/
(CESA, LGBT Resource Center, AIRC). CTHS: http://orientation.utah.edu/transfer/crimson-transfer-honor-society.php
WRC: http://womenscenter.utah.edu/
8. Look for opportunities on campus - on-campus jobs - student organizations (ASUU) - UROP https://our.utah.edu/for-students/urop/
Learning Abroad http://learningabroad.utah.edu/ - Hinckley Internships http://www.hinckley.utah.edu/internships-1-1/
9. Meet with a departmental and/or transfer advisor
10. Submit transcript again once grades are posted
After acceptance:
Additional questions
Where are you going to live?
How will you get to school?
How do you plan to pay for tuition?
Need to appeal an admission decision?
Sponsoring departments: http://admissions.utah.edu/apply/undergraduate/appeal/
What you need to appeal - appeal form with top three choices for sponsoring departments, 2 letters of recommendation, supporting documents
The appeal process takes about a month, need to contact sponsoring departments
There is no fee to appeal
Paul Humbert-Fisk

1. Create your CIS account (username and password in letter from Admissions)
2. Activate your Umail (you can have your email forwarded to another address)
3. pay your enrollment deposit or request an extension: http://admissions.utah.edu/confirm/index.php
4. Apply for scholarships and financial aid: http://financialaid.utah.edu/ FAFSA: https://fafsa.ed.gov/
You may need to appeal if your GPA is below 2.6 without an Associate's Degree or below 2.35 with an Associate's.
To be sponsored, your GPA needs to be above 2.0
Kat Santos: "During my time at SLCC, I was involved with Trio. They helped me get connected to the University of Utah and assisted me with the transfer process. They set up campus visits, which allowed me to explore the campus and see if it was a right fit for me. They also connected me with my departmental advisor and check if I’m taking the right classes for my degree and figure out what credits can transfer over. In my last semester at SLCC, Trio also connected me with Paul Fisk and Michael Daniel who work for CESA. They advise transfer students and they personally helped me out with my application and answered all my questions regarding transferring. They also told me about a new Internship program with SED. It’s been a good way to get involved on campus, learn about other resources, meet new people and become more familiar with the campus.

Some advice for transfer students:

I encourage you to address any doubts and if you have any questions, to please ask. This will make your transition a little less stressful!"
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