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Blue Whales

No description

Esha Agrawal

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Blue Whales

The Blue Whale
Blue Whales eat plankton and krill.
Blue whales are in danger of
The blue whale makes a sound like a deep moan.
They live in all the oceans and they live in the midnight zone.
Where they live?
How they sound like?
Are they in danger?
What do they eat?
When and where does the blue whale have calves?
The blue whale has its calves in early winter and it has calves in warm shallow waters.
Describe the average calf?
It weighs two tons.

Gains 200 pounds each day in its first year.
How long does the calf stay wit its mother?
Around a year sometimes longer.
What is its sinetific name?
Balaenoptera musculus
Where does the whale migrate?
It migrates toward the equator.
Do blue whales travel in groups?
They travel in pods. There are 1-2 blue whales in a pod
What is its life span?
80-90 years in the wild.
How would you describe the blue whale?
100 feet long
baleen whale
there heart can weigh as much as a automobile.
the coloring is a mottled blue-gray
their underbellies take on a yellowish color
2 blowholes.
How fast can your whale travel?
3-20 mph but can go up to 24-30 mph in bursts when in danger
How does it protect itself?
Its size is its protection from most dangers because of its large size animals are afraid to attack.
What are its predators?
Some of its predators are poeple,large groups of killer whales and orcas
How does the whale socialize?
It travels in groups with its mate and calves.
The female and male stay together.
They travel in small pods.
What other interesting facts are there to share about this whale?
When a blue whale exhales the spray from its blowhole can reach nearly 30ft into the air.
A scientist has counted a 110 year old blue whale.
Between 1900 and the mid-1960s 360,000 blue whales were slaughtered.
They came under protection with the 1966 Internatinal whaling commission.
the female is larger than the male
I am glad we have the blue whale on our planet
By: Esha Agrawal
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