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Jose Carcamo

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of ARCHITECTURE:

College Research:
San Diego Mesa College:
Career Research:
~Architecture is the art and practice of designing and constructing building and sculptures
~usually get paid $38.13 an hour
~work 6-7 days a week
~make at max $180,000 a year
~it is the knowledge of art, science, and technology (wikipedia)
~about being creative, adding an individual's ideas, and letting others see creations never seen before
College Research:
Woodbury University:
College Research
New School of Architecture and Desgin:
College Student Interview
College Student Interview:
Questions asked:
How is college going?
Did highschool prepare you for college?
Is college hard to apply?
What is college life like?
Architect Interview:
College Selected:
Newschool Of Architecture & Design:
~Every student gets their own studio space that they can access 24/7
~4 year process :
*1st year- they teach the individual how to draw, sketch Buildings
*2nd year- developing concepts
*3rd year- look at buildings, their designs, how they work
*4th year- apply all knowledge to create outdoor urban enviroments, by designs, and computers
~Student-Faculty Ratio is 10:1
~48% graduation in 6 years
~35% of people going to Woodbury get their Bachelor's Degree in Architecture
~total undergraduates on Woodbury is 1,357
~small school
~SAT score is 450-550 on math and 430-550 in critical reading
~Public college
~Student-Faculty Ratio is 12:1
~91% of the students their graduate with Bachelor's Degree
~No GPA or SAT score required
~Is private a for-profit college art and liberal arts college
~Small 4 year college set in an urban setting
~Only 375 undergraduates
~2 year public community college
~Student- Faculty Ratio is 28:1
~Large city in an urban setting
~Offers Associate's and Certificate Degrees
~Total of 23,191 undergraduates
~No GPA or SAT score required
~college is an unexpected and exciting feeling
~Has a lot of stress but highschool does prepare you for college
~Applying is either difficult or easy depending on what kind of college, or what college it is.
Interview with Mrs. Carillo-Ochoa, the architect:
Is this job more hands-on, or do you have to constantly think of how to solve certain things?
Totally hands-on: sketching, brainstorming, collecting data, building prototypes and models, and 3D software.
What are your overall feelings about being an architect?
It makes me feel happy, being able to create, design, and make a client’s dream house come true.
Can anyone become an architect?
Anyone can be one. You don’t have to be a talented drawer, as long as you learn the skills. I was never great at drawing, but I work adequately with rulers.
What kind of subjects does architecture cover?
All the subjects: history, technology, science (physics), math, and graphic design.

Architect Spotlight
What we Know:
~Architecture is a lot of designing
~It is to show the world your ideas in creations
~A lot of phyics and math involved
~Well paid career
College life in Mt. San Jacinto
College life in UCSD
~College life is sincerely what you make out of it.
"My college life has been full of surprises, adventures, and excitement and lots of studying."
~You have to sincerely plan a well made schedule.
~Choose the clubs and organizations you want to be with.
~Make something happen of yourself.
"I have ran my own business and I currently work a night-shift with cops to fund for college."
What we Wonder:
~How hard is it to work as an architect?
~What benefits does an architect get?
~How much stress is there in an architects job?
What we Learned?:
And our famous architect is...
~Work 6-7 days a week
~knowledge of art, science, and technology
~Busy after taxes because thats when they get contracted the most
~Brazilian architect
~born in
Rio de Janeiro

(December 15, 1907)
~died at age 104
~member of

Brazilian Communist Party

~was part of the international team that designed the UN headquarters in New York
~one of the key figures in the development of
modern architecture
~most famous for his use of
abstract forms


Oscar Niemeyer
~schooled in
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
~worked as a drafter for local architectural projects
~works on
Church of Saint Francis of Assisi
received critical acclaim and drew
international attention
~worked domestically and overseas
wanted him to teach others his ways
~worked a total of
78 years
and designed approximately
600 projects
Job Shadowing
At this time of year, Architects often go on vacations-- work is often slow.
No architects were available for shadowing.
Work Environment
work is in an office environment
consultations/appointments with clients
architects don't work alone, they need assistance from other professionals
work with drafters and engineers
occasionally stressful
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