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Womens Movement 1960's

How did the womens movment inpact the econmy in the 1960's?

sarah anderson

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Womens Movement 1960's

Women's Movement Defintion 1960's a What did women try to gain in the 1960's? What is the Women's Movement? Women's Movement- A group effort chiefly by women,
that seeks to improve women's lives. Waves of the Women's Movement The first wave of the Women's Movement occured in the 1800's but the second wave occured in the 1960's. During the 1960's women wanted equal pay, no fault divorce law, and Title 9 of education. Definition Women's Movement- a group effort, cheifly by women, that seeks to improve women's lives. N.O.W. Women's Group N.O.W-is the largest women's rights organization in the U.S. N.O.W. is an organization, found by Betty Fridean in 1966, that stands for National Organization of Women. N.O.W. seeks to eliminate discrimination of women in many settings such as employment, education, the legal system and family.
N.O.W. calls for the passage of the Equal Right Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It would require that men and women were treated equally by law.Also to protect women from sexual harassment and other violence. N.O.W.'s first goal was to attempt to win approval of the amendment but failed when only 35
of 38 states approved it by the deadline. Since the
deadline, the amendment has been reintroduced by the Congress but never passed.
N.O.W. does marches, rallies and demonstrations to try to achieve their goals. Waves of the Women's Movement The Women's Movement started in the 1800's and the second wave occured in the 1960's to fight for equal rights. Women's Equality Action League Another group founded in 1968. This group monitored educational programs to detect inequalities in pay and promotions. This group also drew attention to the "chilly classroom climate", an environment that discourages discussion and participation of females. Women, Jobs, and Husbands Women were expected to marry at the age of 25 or younger or they would be "old maids".
Women would work for these three reasons:
divorce or death, unmarried women looking for a husband like their boss, and helping their husband start a business or support the family while the husband works for a degree. Once the husband finally gets his business going or earns his degree the wife quits working. Equal Pay When women did start working they were only payed 63% of what men were payed.
The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)- a U.s agency. This agency enforces the law that prohibits job discrimination because of sex, color, religion, national origin, age or disabilities. Bibliography The second wave of the Women's Movement was the wave of feminism. Women aimed for no job discrimination in the 1960's. Answer Question Don Nardo "The Women's Movement", Detroit, World History 1976, Print
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