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Copy of The Farmer's Son

By Alfredo Navarro Salanga

Rachel Roman

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Farmer's Son

The Farmer's

Thank you for your attention! :)
Education is the only gift a parent could ever offer to thier children to ensure a better future.
And one more thing...
Education frees man from slavery of ignorance
My father was bent
by work
his shoulders were bent
by words
in a contract
he never understood
While I was still
a young man
he sent me off
to school
and bid me walk
with straight shoulders
Learn, he said
learn words
that you may pry off
these letters
that have made me
old and bent
Alfredo Navarro Salanga
I listened to him
die with words:
you are lucky
to have words
they will keep you
from having bent shoulders
By his deathbed
I cried
and spat out
my shoulders bent with grief.
There is great power in reason
It comes like so much rain
Or like strong wind in a dry month
I came back
many years later
with the words
I knew he wanted
but by then
it was too late
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