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Fynn Atherton

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Football!

History Lesson
Football was first played in school play grounds in 1581, but the laws were arranged in 1863. The first comptetion was the FA cup, in which the Wanderes beat the Royal Engineers 1-0.

World Cup
The world cup was first played in 1930 in the capital of Uraguay, Montivideo. Uraguay were the eventual winners of the first cup. As you probably know the world cup is huge today but in 1930, it was just as big as 93,000 people turned out to watch the final, Uraguay versus Argentina. Uraguay won, 4-2.
Domestic Leagues
The Champions League is the biggest club competition in the world. It was formally called the European cup but was changed to it's normal name in 1992. The most succesful clubs are Real Madrid with 9 titles, AC Milan with 6 and Liverpool with 5. In the next frame, we have some footage of one of the greatest finals of all time. Liverpool v Ac Milan in 2005. You can see the emotion this trophy brings out in players and fans.
Football does not always go that well!!!
2006 champions league. John Terry. penalty. He runs up and slips. And misses. Oh well! Better luck next year!
Best Goals!
First Division/Premier League
What you may know as the Premier League now, used to be called the first division until 1992 when it was changed become the Barclays Premier Leaugue. Liverpool won the first division most. They won an astonishing 18 times. Manchester United, however have won the Premier League and First Division a combined 20 times.
The original world cup trophy (Jules Rimet Trophy)
Brazil got to keep this after their victory in 1970
This is the current fifa world cup trophy
La Liga
La Liga is the spanish league. It started in 1927 and it was created by José María Acha. Real Madrid have won an incredible 31 titles and their nearest competitor is Barcelona with 19 titles.
Serie A
Serie A is the Italian football League. It was created in 1929. It is one of the best football Leagues in the world. AC Milan and Inter Milan have both won the title 18 times but Juventus have won it an incredible 29 times.
Football Funny Moments
Thanks for watching!
By Fynn and Matt

Greatest Players Ever
Diego Maradona
Most English fans will remember Diego Maradona for the Famous "Hand of God" which put England of the 1986 world cup. However, his second goal in that game was voted the "goal of the century" which, despite his blatant cheating earlier, was supreme football. He was born on the 30 th October 1960 in the Argentinian town Lanus. From there evolved one of the worlds greatest and most flamboyant footballers.
Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff was a dutch mastermind when it came to football. He invented his own turn, the "Cruyff turn. He was born on the 25 th of April 1947 in Amsterdam. He scored an incredible 291 goals for club and country. He has gone on in later life to become a manager at former clubs Ajax and Barcelona. He will be remembered fondly forever by the dutch folk.
Pele will be remembered by most as the greatest ever to pull on a football shirt. He scored well over 700 goals for club and country. He was born on the 23 rd October 1940 in Tres Coracoes in Brazil. He played in four world cups and won three of them he was truly the greatest.
Premier League
First Division
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