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"Knock Knock" TPCASTT

No description

Joseph Love

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of "Knock Knock" TPCASTT

What are your thoughts on the poem "Knock Knock?"
Write one paragraph (at least five sentences) describing how you feel about the poem. How was it different than you thought it would be based on its title?
What are the benefits of listening to the poet perform his poem as opposed to reading it yourself?
10/28/14 Bellwork
Knock Knock
Knock Knock
: A speaker in a piece of literature (not always the author) will always have a certain attitude that comes through in their writing voice. Once again, you must have a full paragraph of at least 7 sentences with 3 specific examples from the poem to back up what you say the author's attitude is. (Hint: the author's attitude does not stay the same throughout the entire poem. Think back to the poet's performance to help you).

: In almost any work of literature, especially poems, there will be "shifts" in tone throughout the work, when the author's attitude or tone will change to be completely different without much warning. You need to highlight the first word of every shift you can find. There are at least 5.
There are still a few LC novels missing. Please bring them in if you have one. If I get every LC novel returned to me, I will get some more Jolly Ranchers for the class.
We’ve already placed our first order for Outsiders novels. However, we will be placing a second order for students who decide they still want a copy. If you do, please bring in $7 asap. Cutoff Date: sometime next week.
Don't forget: Your first Book Bingo is due November 7th! It needs to be from a book category that you haven't done yet. Come see me if you need help choosing a book.
If you have not brought your permission slip for the play, I would like you to text a parent/guardian during class asking them if you can go to the play tomorrow. When they have responded, show me and I will make note of it.
"Knock Knock"
October 28th, 2014
You will need to turn in your annotated poem stapled to your notebook paper, with all instructions followed exactly, to receive full credit for this poem analysis.

There are eight sections, and we completed the first one yesterday.

Number the stanzas
: This should not be too difficult.

: Go through each stanza and put it into your own words on your notebook paper. Your paraphrasing should not be too much shorter than the poem itself. We will go through the paraphrasing together.

: Remember the difference between
. You will need a paragraph of at least 7 sentences, with at least 3 examples from the poem. We will go through and look for figurative language in a couple stanzas together.
Knock Knock
: What do you think the theme of the poem is? Remember, the theme is the main lesson or idea that the author of the piece wants you to walk away with. Think back to
Where the Red Fern Grows
, or your Literature Circle final project if you get stuck on theme. Your theme paragraph needs to be at least 5 sentences, with 2 specific examples backing up what you think the theme of the poem is.

: Having picked the poem apart pretty effectively, reexamine the title. What do you think the title means now? Hopefully your answer to this has changed since yesterday before we read the poem. You only need one complete sentence explaining what you think the title means now, and why.
TPCASTT Poetry Analysis
T - Title (Examine the title for meaning before reading)
P - Paraphrasing (Put it into your own words)
C - Connotation (Look past the literal words)
A - Attitudes (Examine the author's attitude and tone)
S - Shifts (Look for sudden changes in the poem)
T - Theme (Identify the main purpose of the poem)
T - Title (Reexamine the title with deeper insight)
10/29/14 Bellwork
It is a harsh reality of the world we live in that it is growing more and more common for children to grow up with only one parent, or even no parents at all.

In the poem "Knock Knock," the author expresses his discontent at growing up without a father, and seeks a solution in taking pride that he is not his father's choices, that it is not too late for him to have a better life than his father did.

Take a stab at writing your own poem (or you can write a prose paragraph) about something in your life that you feel has been unfair to you. Try and spin it in a positive light, and add in a part about how you can overcome the obstacles life has thrown your way.
You do not have to share this with the class.
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