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Fat Cake Credentials Presentation

Credentials Presentation for Fat Cake Media (created November 2012)

Meri Harli

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Fat Cake Credentials Presentation

Government Online Marketing Specialists
Online results. Business growth. Sweet.
www.fatcake.com Meri F. Harli
Search Strategist Part 1:
A Short Introduction
& Our Credentials • Search Strategist & SEO Web Copywriter
• First-generation digital native
• Career began at Wired Magazine, San Francisco, 1995
• 17+ years online experience
• Founder, MeriWords Pty Ltd - est. 2007
• Re-branded Fat Cake Media - early 2012
• 100% business-centric, ROI approach “FAT CAKE MEDIA was born of our clients' need for multi-channel online marketing with a focus on the entire online conversion funnel including: seo & search, conversion optimisation, analytics, performance monitoring and ROI analysis.” Why Fat Cake? Robert Marks
SEO Copywriter DJ Singh
SEO Copywriter The team... 2) Conversion Optimisation: Quality content gets visitors to BUY, SIGN UP, LIKE, JOIN, and CONVERT into fans & brand evangelists. 3) Social Media Engagement: Build a community of passionate fans around your brand using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pintrest etc.. 1) SEO & Search Strategy: Drive Quality Traffic via organic search, Pay-per-click & optimised content. Our mission... We align your
business strategy
with your
online strategy
for business results. In short... When it comes to your customers... Or in other words... [well sort of]... It’s all about horses! “Get the horse to tell its friends about your brand.” “Get the horse to drink.” “Lead the horse to water.” Online Engagement Funnel CONNECT your website with customers ALREADY searching for your services and products. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improves the quality & volume of traffic and gets you to page 1
(for top keywords). To stop your visitor from clicking out by doing 3 (very important) things... We follow the 8-second rule! “Visitors decide to stay or leave your website in
8 seconds or less.”
[Jakob Nielsen - web usability guru] How do we do this? COMMUNICATE
$elling Benefits so that people are compelled to take ACTION and BUY / sign up / follow you. You have 8 short seconds! CONVERT: TRUST: Why should I trust you? OFFER: What are you offering? What’s in it for me? If you’re not part of the conversation,
you’re missing an opportunity. People are ALREADY talking about your business on social media. * AUSTRALIANS Get your customers to
recommend your business to their friends...
and their friends’ friends...
... and so on. Step 1. Search Strategy Step 2. Conversion Step 3. Social Media (SEO, Pay-per-click, Google) (sales, sign up, follow, share, “like” ) (social strategy & engagement) (answer need, fix problem, create demand) 1. (connect, build trust & credibility) 2. 3. (become a member/sign up/join/register etc.) 2.5 MILLION 11.5 MILLION 1 MILLION 2 MILLION Number Crunch A Few Quick
Case Studies Getting to Page 1 and staying there! Case Study #1: Butler Plumbing
Butler Plumbing needed more commercial plumbing work in inner city Melbourne. THE SOLUTION:
Get Butler Plumbing to Page 1
for the keyword:
‘commercial plumbing melbourne’ AND get more sales conversions from website. BEFORE AFTER #1 Website

# 2 Word-of-Mouth Main sources of new business? The website also helped to CONVERT customer ‘word of mouth’ referrals. Majority of all new business enquiries came from the website. Adage Job Search
SEO/Social Media/Usability ...increased business growth. Business Result +37.1% 12 months on from optimisation... (That is real SALES, not just enquiries or calls!) +240.9% New customers from website increased by... Case Study #2: Boosting traffic & conversions! BUSINESS OBJECTIVES:
Adage Job Search needed more web traffic, more engagement, and more registrations from mature-age job seekers. • Site NOT ranking on Google for top keywords

• LOW registrations [low conversions]

• Graphic design confusing: visitors would click out

• Visitors to site had NO IDEA what the site was about

• KPIs: 15% or more increase across all major metrics THE CHALLENGE: BEFORE AFTER THE RESULTS:
(30 days after go-live)

Met and exceeded KPI’s ...in first 30 days. Registrations up by +16.3% Page Views up by +32.9% ...in first 30 days. ...in first 30 days. Visits from organic search up by: +54.4% ...in first 30 days. Facebook
traffic-to-site up by +7,671.7% Our clients include a vast range of industries... Housing & Construction Financial & Legal Education & Training Retail Tech & IT Health & Wellbeing • We keep up to date on the latest Google Algorithm
developments (e.g. recent Panda & Penguin updates) • More than driving visitors or web traffic, but about
what you’re going to do with them when they get there. • Making sure your online strategy aligns with your
business strategy for real-world business results. Why choose us? • Our focus is more than just Google rankings: it’s the entire
sales conversion funnel via multi-channel marketing. Let’s get the traffic flowing...
with a cohesive & optimised multi-channel strategy. We align your
business strategy
with your
online strategy
for business results. The ESSENCE
of what we do: meri@fatcake.com.au
+61 408 369 935 Get in touch...
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