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why is smoking bad for you?

No description

miranda guffey

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of why is smoking bad for you?

why is smoking bad for you?
smoking is bad for you because it damages your lungs. Smoking can also give several other diseases, Such as cancer, heart disease, leukemia and cancer of the pancreas and ect. Great Britain is known of people dieing from smoking. Most teens get cigarettes from their parents.
Each day 3,000 children smoke their first cigarette

Pictures of why smoking
is bad for you
smoking can cause.....
Many people claim that smoking helps them to cope with stress smoke
many people smoke to make themselves look more confident and in control
have a cigarette when they’re feeling bored or lonely
enjoy smoking with others as a shared activity
why people
how do people stop smoking?
answer: you can try using the electric smoker and it will help a little bit, it will just help the urge to stop smoking

Is there a safe way to smoke? No,All cigarettes can cause damage to the human body and even a small amount is dangerous

Is it bad if someone around you is smoking?
Yes. Secondhand smoke can cause ear infections
Question and answer?
Cigarette smoking hit the lowest point ever recorded among American eighth-graders, high school sophomores and seniors last year, a newly released report shows.Last year, only 5% of high school sophomores said they had smoked cigarettes daily in the last 30 days, compared with 18% of sophomores who were smoking daily at one point in the 1990s. The numbers have also plunged for eighth-graders and high school seniors, hitting their lowest point since the surveys began.
Teen smoking
When you smoke, the first thing that happens is a mix of gases is released around your eyes, nose and throat. This happens within the first few seconds. Your eyes may water, your nose might run and your throat will most likely become irritated.
The science in your body while smoking...
Age spots are blotches of darker skin color that are common on the face and hands.

People who smoke tend to develop gum disease, persistent bad breath, and other oral hygiene problems.

Smoking chronically deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients.
How smoking can effect your looks....
Smoking project
Of every 100,000 15 year old smokers, tobacco will prematurely kill at least 20,000 before the age of 70
Roughly 6 million teens in the US today smoke despite the knowledge that it is addictive and leads to disease
Women who smoke during pregnancy can slow down the baby's growth by reducing the amount of oxygen and increasing the amount of carbon monoxide that the baby receives during a critical time when its brain and nervous system are developing
Children exposed to secondhand smoke at home are more likely to have middle-ear disease and reduced lung function
Bladder cancer
Kidney cancer
Cancers of the pharynx and larynx (throat cancer)
Mouth cancer
Esophagus cancer
Cancer of the pancreas
Stomach cancer
Some types of leukemia
Cancer of the nose and sinuses
Cervical cancer
Bowel cancer
Ovarian cancer
In some cases, also breast cancer
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