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Senior Sendoff 2014

No description

Connie Chen

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of Senior Sendoff 2014

Senior Sendoff 2014
Alexa Rocero
Favorite CA Memory:
Diana Kraikittikun
Favorite CA Memory:

Ari Ananda
Amy Shipow
Bindi Vallabh
Anthony Dinh
Giving a tour to a group of international students from China during the summer and then spending time with them after the tour at the beach. Meeting some of the most amazing and genuine people that I am really happy to call my friends :)
Favorite CA Memory:
Austin Hsu
Favorite CA Memory:
Dory Wu
Favorite CA Memory:
Emilie Doan Van
Emily Cohen
Favorite CA Memory:
Hitomi Heap-Baldwin
Jenna Finegold
Favorite CA Memory:

Leah Wong
Amy Williams
Favorite CA Memory:
Risa Farrell
Luis Mendez
Favorite CA Memory:
Menissah Bigsby
Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
Jocelyn Lu
Jessica Nevarez
Favorite CA Memory:
Jerry Lan
Favorite CA Memory:
Jennifer Situ

Training with A-Team was my favorite, especially eating girl scout cookies at every training and having a potluck at the end. Emceeing with Rebecca and taking selfies on stage for Triton Day. Working TCT and having someone ask where they can donate a body...

Phoneathon when a girl told me that she felt like this phone call was a sign that she should go to UCSD
Post Grad Plans:
Applying to Physical Therapy Schools and hopefully getting in:)
Post Grad Plans:
Applying to Physical Therapy Schools and hopefully getting in:)
This is literally the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life...there are too many to pick from, but some of the highlights would include eating two boxes of girlscout cookies a week for 10 weeks stright with my ATeam, always struggling with #teamy, and the many problems I always seem to cuase during cart training...
Post Grad Plans:
I will be sticking around SD for a year and then heading off to graduate school to hopefully obtain my masters in Occupational Therapy
Getting to hang out with such an amazing group of interesting, friendly, and super cute people. Y'all aren't only my my co-workers but I consider you to be my friends too :) Also, one of my favorite memories is seeing how much we all eat during phonathons, at denny's, potluck meetings, and after big events where we take a ridiculous number of boxed corner bakery lunches home and freeze for later :)
Post Grad Plans:
I'm going to be in Australia for 6 weeks working on developing biofilter technology and other low energy, high efficiency hydrology projects through NSF's Pire Program. After that, I will be applying for editorial jobs all around the states (hopefully Seattle, Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles) and submitting freelance work to magazine publications. And if all else fails I will just be a professional daughter :)
Favorite CA Memory:
Post Grad Plans:
Stop triflin' and find a job in the marketing/communication sector.
Barbara's food
Mrs. Morgan
G Buxton V
Post Grad Plans:
Apartment Hawaii trip
Real Estate License
Have a couple of interviews (fingers crossed)
Cart training with Amy, Jorge, and Rebecca R.
Post Grad Plans:
COSMOS, Outside Lands, Triage Consulting Group, Graduate School
My first CA party as a newbie. Seeing a different side of my SCA that night and getting to finally meet the great group of people I would be working with. The conversations and things I did that night really opened up my eyes to the type of people I was working with. That's the night I realized we're awesome.
That other time at that other party when I serenaded Kayla (former SCA) with a hella Mexican love song as a newbie. I made a whole performance out of it. It was great. I think there's a video somewhere.
Post Grad Plans:
The summer right after graduation I'll be working for Campus Tours and staying in La Jolla. After that I will be doing graduate school for a masters in Astrophysics at UCSD while working a part time position at Mazda as a Manufacturing Engineer.

One of my favorite CA memories is from last year when a student here at UCSD came up to me and said that I was there tour guide during Triton Day and I convinced them to go to UCSD.
Post Grad Plans:
Looking for a job right now and hopefully move to a new city in a new state or new country.
Giving a group to tour to a predominantly black group and having their teacher ask, 'Where are all the black people?'
Post Grad Plans:
1: apply to UCSD jobs...and other jobs...
2: road trip the US
3: apply to graduate programs in student affairs and be in college forever (as well as mentor and provide guidance to students)
Post Grad Plans:
I was giving a tour once and some girl asked me if we have sleeping buddies. She was in 6th grade. Took me a minute to realize she meant roommates.
Getting weird with law school. Like, really weird.
Favorite CA Memory:

And my newbies rocked my world. From spontaneous dance lessons to sleepovers to lunches looking over the ocean, they made my year amazing.
Post Grad Plans:
Become a master hoola-hooper. Its a serious thing.
Favorite CA Memory:
My favorite CA memory is just bumping music on all the different triton days and just dancing and having fun showing other students how AWESOME AND COOL our skool is! B)
Post Grad Plans:
I will be taking a year off before applying to Med School and during that year off I will be working as an EMT possibly going on to be a paramedic in a fire house, while also shadowing two doctors, volunteering at scripps hospital, and doing research in Hermann Lab on campus, but MOST IMPORTANTLY I will still be in SAN DIEGO! :) let's go on an adventure!
Favorite CA Memory:
My favorite memory was meeting someone at an event where I was nervous because I thought I wouldn't know ANYONE, until this really sweet girl came up to me and said, "YOU were my tour guide! You were my first experience with UCSD and you made me feel so comfortable and excited about being admitted and coming here to UCSD." The craziest thing is, I remembered her too! She was on my very first tour after I passed my eval.
Also any time I worked TCT and Barbara explained recipes to the food she cooks or showed me pictures of her grandbabies.
Also the beautiful CAs who have influenced my life. <3
Post Grad Plans:
I'm traveling to Copenhagen for the next 3 months! I will probably be taking a couple classes as a guest student. I will maybe find a job. I will hopefully have a place to live soon. Then I'll be back in SD in the fall to finish up my prereqs to apply for medical school and hopefully do some research with a professor in the Global Health department at UCSD.
Favorite CA Memory:
Making the musical tour with the twin, Amy.
A-team training--#6thcollegesmoothiez
Buddy tour with Ryan Searcy #jk
The general love and support from this crazy, attractive, driven family!!!
Post Grad Plans:
India and Israel for 7 months and then.....we'll see :P
Favorite CA Memory:
Don't ask me these questions. I'm not leaving. -forever in denial-
There are too many anyway.. I love you all. <3
Post Grad Plans:
I'll be around for one more quarter! Currently interning at an environmental engineering firm, so I'll be in SD over the summer. Let's go to happy hour and playy! (;
Favorite CA Memory:
Post Grad Plans:
Newbie training with Zakks crew
Walking home from regents with Anthony and Ronald singing Bastille and queens bohemian rhapsody at the top of our lungs in the street
5th year, abroad, then year off before going to get my phD and study AMINALS :D play with elephants and bats and tigers and platypi. Maybe even work for nat geo ;)
Favorite CA Memory:
My favorite part of this job were the healthy conversations that I got to have with everyone, college ambassadors and visitors alike. Whether it was talking about each other's lives outside of work or sharing what I'm doing here at UCSD to strangers that I spend 2 hours with, I enjoyed the conversations from all around. I'm one of those people who is shy and quiet at first, but once you get me going, there's no stop what I might say! In the end, I loved listening, I loved talking, I loved sharing... I loved being a College Ambassador.
Post Grad Plans:
I'll be riding the struggle bus of FUN-employment. I'll be moving back home to the OC in order to go back to community college so I can work on my prerequisites for grad school. During that time, I hope to kick start my YouTube cooking channel, continue building my food experience, and blogging about my culinary travels. Definitely keep a look out for what is next in my life! :D
Favorite CA Memory:

When there wasn't Santorini at phone-a-thons!
Post Grad Plans:
Going to law school at UC Hastings in San Francisco! AAAGghhbdfdhahhhhaaaha!
Jennifer Sexton
Favorite CA Memory:
Too many to pick a favorite: cart training with Kayvan and Rohan, TCT with Barbara in the old TCT side (now break room), office decorating contests, organizing the office with Diana, and so much more!
Post Grad Plans:
Right after graduation I will be taking a road trip from San Diego to Canada. When I return I start my new job as a Project Engineer for ClarkDietrich in Carlsbad. I will be doing structural analysis, design, and drafting on my own projects! :)

Favorite CA Memory:
There a so many great memories from the my first Triton day and back to back to back tours and the first time some said I convinced them to come to UCSD. The best were on group tours though. My favorite being the spontaneous hugs from kids, or one yelling "Teacher! That house is going to fall!" Best question. "Why is your school a wonderland?"
Post Grad Plans:
In the fall I will be applying to Education Policy programs that have a school on low income and first generation students and until working and taking random classes at community college.
Walking around Triton Transfer Day with brain caps from the cognitive science dept with Leah and Hitomi and thinking we looked way cuter than we actually did.'
Spending time in the office with Barbara.
Post Grad Plans:
I'll be staying around for the summer and fall quarter, and then going into film and media, hoping to eventually land a position in writing and directing.
Most Beautiful Face Behind A Camera
Barbara's Adoptive Daughter

Most Thorough Tour Guide


Best Instagram Account

Most Likely To One Up You On A Tour

Most Genuine

Cooler Than Ice Award

Punniest Award

Most Vagina

Hollaback Girl

Princess Foodie

Most Likely To Hack Your Facebook

Most Likely To Win A Cook Off

Most Likely To Convince You To Join Society 60

Most Likely To Start A Flashmob

Most Likely To Win A Teaching Award

A Heart As Big As Her Mouth Award

Most Likely To Win A Restaurant

Derperella Award

Barbara's Sweetheart

Most Likely To Save The World

Most Likely To Disappear On A Office Shift

Most Likely To Party With A Celebrity

Mimosa Mentor

(she lost her shoe)
Adrienne Foley
Ashley Sarkozi
Congratulations to all of our graduates <3
Favorite CA Memory:
My favorite memories are all the times we have meaningful talks or hilarious days in the office or at phonathons! But also that one day I finally gave a tour after some time and the inside of my shoe just fell out while I was walking backward and I tried to keep going but a kid point it out. Thanks for holding my shoe Ashley....
Post Grad Plans:
I'm working with incarcerated and returning veterans under the Hall of Justice as an Americorps member! I'll be focusing on policies and programs to alleviate poverty in the San Diego community so I'll still be here for a year!!!!! Also dying from LSATs/apps this summer and working with all you cuties for three more months in the summer ☺️ So you don't have to miss me too much yet!!!!
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