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Storm Water Drain Marking Program

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on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Storm Water Drain Marking Program

Storm Water Education
How much water are we really talking about?
475,502 people live in Pasco County

Land area covers 746.89 Square miles

622 people per square mile

Pasco County averages about 45-50 inches
of rainfall per year.

Pasco County
Storm Water Drain Marking Program
747 sq miles = 2,998,823,731,200 sq inches; almost 3 trillion sq inches.
1 square inch of rainfall = .60 gallons
2,998,823,731,200 sq in x .60 gallons (45 in per year) =5.884186 x 10^11 gallons/year or
588 B gallons
46 elementary schools, 15 middle schools and 13 high schools. Along with bus garages, education centers and many other facilities. Pasco County schools cover a significant portion of our county.

4.8 square miles or 3,072 acres of Pasco County is owned by the school board.

Little over .6% of the county.

Why does this even matter? Taxes
Pasco County
Everyone pays a fee for stormwater Management.
That fee is based on how much land you own.

4.8 square miles in the case of Pasco County Schools.

cost the school district about 400,000 per year.
Water produced by rain that runs off the land
Using this data lets make some assumptions about Pasco County
Where does all that water go?
Pasco County

Assume 50% is rural and 50% is urban

35% of rain is lost to evapotranspiration
32.5% runoff
17.5% shallow infiltration
15% deep infiltration
Pasco Watershed
As water flows over these large areas there is potential for it to become polluted and cause problems for wildlife and our drinking supply.
Road salt
Motor oil
Pet wastes
Grass clippings

Another math problem????
How do we use water?
Blue Planet

How can your school help?
Lets do a little math. 588b gallons of water fall on Pasco each year. Only 88b recharges our aquifer, the major source of potable water. Of that 88b only 25% is used by households. Which brings us to 22b gallon for 229,806 homes. This means there is only 95,000 gallons per home. There are an average of 2.5 people per home that use anywhere from 80-100 gallons a day, times 365 days. All this math means we are borrowing water from the next generations and causing irreversible damage to our water supply.

What you will need.
- 5 teams of 5
- Clipboard
- Pencil
Map of your area (zone)
- Data Sheet
- GPS Device

Storm Drain Marking
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