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road trip "09"



on 6 December 2009

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Transcript of road trip "09"

road trip "09" By Riley Car Smart for two coupe Cost (after Tax) : 15,739 mileage: 5.4 L/100km Tank sise: 32.9L "The Route" Day One Starting city: Vancover B.C.
Ending City Helana M.T
Other Citys Viseted: Seattle W.A
Toltal Distance Traveled: 1174 km
Total time spent driving 11 H 56 M
Unit prise of gas: 1.04/L
Gas used:63.39 L
Avrage speed: 99kmh
Cost of gas: 34.44
Hotel: my Grandparents House
Cost of hotel: FREE!

Day Two Starting city: Helana M.T
Ending city: Casper W.Y
Total distance traveled: 856 km
Time spent driving: 8 H 45M
Avrage speed: 97.8 Kmh
Unit prise of gas: $68.7/L
Amount of gas used: 46.23 L
Number of fill ups: 1
Cost of gas for the day: $31.76
Hotel name: Holiday Inn Casper
Cost of hotel: $105
Total cost of day: $136.76
Day three Starting city: Casper W.Y
Ending city: Denver C.O
Total distance: 1422 Km
Time driving: 13 H 43 M
Gas used: 24.15 L
Hotel: Country Inn
Hotel Cost: 87$ (sale) Day Four StarTing city: Denver C.O.
Ending city: Dallas T.X.
Distance: 1422 Km
Time Driving: 4 H 42M
avrage speed: 103 Kmh
Price of gas: $67.6/L
Gas used: 76.7 L
Fill ups: 2
Cost of gas: $ 52.06
Hotel name: The Ritz carlton Dallas
Cost of hotel: $262
Cost for the day: $314.06

Day Five Starting City: Dallas T.X.
Ending City: New Orleans L.O.
Distance: 835 Km
Time: 8 H 03 M
Gas Used: 45.09 L
Cost of gas: $30.48
Fill-ups: 1
Hotel: Quality in and suites
Cost of hotel:$120
Total cost of day: $150.48 Day 6 Starting city: New Orleans L.O.
Ending City: Nashville T.E.
Distance traveled: 855Km
Time driving: 8 H 14 M
Avrage speed: 103 Kmh
Gas used: 46.17L
Unit price of gas: 67.6
Cost of Gas for day: $31.21
Hotel name: Hampton inn and suites
Cost of hotel: $140
total Cost for day: $171.21

Day 7 Starting city: Nashville T.E.
Ending city: Pittsburg P.A.
Distance traveld: 902 Km
Time driving: 8 H 41 M
Avrage speed: 103 kmh
Gas used: 48.70 L
Unit price of gas: 70.5
Cost of gas: $34.33
Hotel: Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh
Cost of hotel: $120
Total cost of day: $154.33 Day 8 Starting City: Pittsburgh P.A.
Ending city Toronto O.N.
Other cities visited: Niagara
Falls O.N.
Distance traveled: 512K
Time driving: 5 H 6 M
Avrage speed: 100 Kmh
Gas used: 27.6
Hotel: The Hazelton Hotel
Cost of hotel: $340
Total cost of day: $340 Day 9 Starting city: Toronto O.N.
Ending city: Quebec City Q.B.
Distance Traveled: 792 Km
Time driving: 8 H 15 M
Avrage speed:97 Kmh
Gas used: 42 L
Price of gas: 99.5
Cost of gas for day: $41.79
fill-ups: 1
Hotel: Auberge saint antoine
Cost of hotel: $190
Cost of day: $231.79 Day 10 Starting city: Quebec city
Ending city: halifax
Distance traveled: 1016Km
Time driving: 10H 21 M
Avrage speed: 98 Kmh
Gas used: 54L
Prise of gas: 98.9
Cost of gas $53.40
Hotel: N/A
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