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Graduation Party

Grad Party Invite

Nicki Raufer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Graduation Party

Party Who's party? Mine! (Nicki Raufer) If you don't know who I am... then stop watching this Prezi creeper. Why is there a party? Because I'm graduating! from... Where is it at? In Bloomington, IL. At my parents house. Where is Bloomington? 4:30pm-? On Sunday, May 16th. What time? Well what are the plans? Eating dinner from 4:30 - 6:30 Then hanging out and drinking Then what? A party bus will take us downtown. And no, I don't know those people in the picture I used. Those friends that don't live in Bloomington, we are expecting you to stay at my house. We have a large and cozy basement :) which will probably end up looking more like this... bahaha Who's going to be there? I wish! Why is the invite in this format? It's more fun
You've probably never gotten an invite this way
It's me, and I'm odd
I learned about this program from one of my professors and it is a new tool being used (primarily in Europe) to present instead of PowerPoint. I wanted to try it out before I used it for an assignment, so here it is! I hope you can make it out for the And if you can't make it, we are no longer friends. :)
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