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How to Draw Sophisticated drawings

No description

Scott Locke-Petersen

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of How to Draw Sophisticated drawings

How To draw Sophisticated Drawings Prezi Made By: Scott, Emily, Sean, Dani.K., Rebekah When we started sketching we were just drawing random pictures when we started drawing dog and cats so we decided to create a park for pets. Brainstorming Sketches TOPIC: Learn how to draw sophisticated drawings

EXPOSURE:Stu Duval, Websites, Youtube, learn to draw, drawing books, parents, friends.

BEING CURIOUS: What we Know= different ways of displaying shadows, light sketching helps the picture turn out better, the more detail the more effective( but don't go over board with detail), optional once finished darken the out lines, then colour.

DRAWING: Learn to shade, sketching, smudging, detail What We are Drawing How we Researched Websites We Used Fantasy, Realistic characters, and Chibi Pics Of our Fav drawings Dragoart.com Prezi.com Dragoart.com Google.com Draw Fantasy Art
(Book) How to draw a kitten Youtube.com
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