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Flippin'Heel Presentation Pitch

No description

Habiba Uddin

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Flippin'Heel Presentation Pitch

Who are we?
-We are
NeatFeet LTD

-We are a company interested in comfortable shoes for women

Heel History
-Men wore it for horse riding

-Fashion Swept Europe

-Sign of status and wealth

-Now worn by women

Our Product
3D View
Extension Strategies

Pitch Presentation
Meet The Team
NeatFeet LTD
, we believe that a
company consists of
team members.
Managing Director:

Sarah Hawksley

Creative Director:
Habiba Uddin

Marketing Director:
Chloe Evans

Financial Director:
Rob Bonar

Design Director:
Zach Cater
Heel Facts
-Has become a
Female Necessity

prefer flats,
prefer heels

£3.5 billion
spent on shoes (

say it's painful

feet issues related to shoes

continue wearing favourite shoe

Our Product Features
Promotional Poster
TV Advert

CamiLeon Heels
Finance Forecast
-Have to manually detach the heel
-Heel doesn't hide- looks tacky
-Aimed at classy and older women
-Far too expensive
-Limited Designs

Flippin'Heels CamiLeon Heels
-Our heels detach by the click of a button- easy when in the rush

-Aim at young females- easily affordable, attractive designs, comfortable and fashionable

-Party style shoes

-Major in retail stores as well as online shop

To extend our product life cycle, we will:

-Create a wider range of designs

-Introduce seasonal colours

-Introduce accessories that go well with our shoes such as handbags, purses

-Develop heel styles

-Develop materials used

-Heels that detach at the push of a button.
-Heels are hidden inside the grove beneath the sole.
-Useful when foot pain is experienced.
-Modern designs attract females (16-30 years) suitable for parties, school, work, etc.

-Padded cushion for heels- extra comfort
-Gripping insoles for ball of feet- prevent blisters
-Cotton Cloth inner lining- prevents discomfort
-Colourful and attractive designs
-Pouch cut out- exact cut out of heels- so heels slips in and stays hidden
-Profit for first 3 years
-Total Cost
-Pricing Strategy (Price Skimming)
-Our selling price recommended retail price
-Promotional Strategies- One for One method.
Thank You for listening

Q+A Session
-100% PU Synthetic Leather- for external use

-Rubber soles- fixed height

-Metal steel rod inside heel- allows heel part to become mobilized
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