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About Ryan San Roman

No description

Ryan San Roman

on 1 February 2012

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Transcript of About Ryan San Roman

Things i enjoy doing for fun is
staying fit, exercising
& playing basketball in
leagues around the city, & recording music.
My goals are to finish college, & earn a degree in the field i enjoy most, & i also have high goals in some of my hobby's i do, such as recording music.
My weakneses in college are math courses, & my strengths in college are music & basic history courses, & kinesiology classes.
i enjoy auto mechanics.
I have a 1971 mustang that I
practice mechanics with, & plan to one day restore the whole car & plan to one day put it in car shows around the states.
i'm kinesthetic learner, & like to do things
with physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration. This is proabbly why i do alot of things that are hands on activities.
i'm the type of person that believes you can be anything you choose to be, & to have fun while accomplishing your goals.
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