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PSHE - Lesson 2 - Bullying

No description

Chloe Irvine

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of PSHE - Lesson 2 - Bullying

Tuesday 20th April, 2010

Bullying Learning Objective:

To understand what bullying is.

To identify the features of bullying.
Success criteria:

I can discuss and share thoughts on bullying.
What is bullying? Have you ever been bullied? Do you know someone who has been bullied? Have you ever seen someone being bullied? Sam is in the playground. None of her classmates will play with her. How do you think she feels? Joanne has had an arguement with her class mates.
They have started to whisper and laugh at her.
How do you think she feels? Mark is in the playground.
Two older boys run over and grab Mark's jumper.
How do you think he would feel?
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