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Music Lesson 1


Dom Bird

on 29 August 2012

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Transcript of Music Lesson 1

Year 8 Music
Musical Beginnings Music is made up of three main elements:
Pitch Beat is the consistent, steady “heartbeat” or “pulse” felt in all music Rhythm is the grouping of sound according to their duration Pitch is the height or depth of sound When one sound is heard on a beat it is represented by this symbolIt has the music name of crotchet or quarter note. In time names it says “taa” When two sounds are heard on a beat it is represented by this symbol. They have a music name of quavers or eighth notes. In time names they say “ti – ti” When no sound is heard on a beat it is represented by this symbolIt has a music name of crotchet or quarter note rest. In time names it says “zar” Expectations What you can expect from me:
- I begin and end class on time.
- I come to class prepared.
- I am accessible during my staffroom hours, both in person and by phone.
- I am usually available right before class begins. This is my set-up time, but I can also answer questions.
- If you are stuck on a homework problem, then you can contact me at any time.- I will treat you with respect and offer you encouragement.
- I will be fair. What I expect from you:
- Responsibility for your materials. Bring your book and writing materials to class: paper and pen or pencil.
- Be on time.
- Be respectful, to fellow classmates and the teacher.
- Listen when others are speaking.
- Team work
- Complete all required assignments and turn them in on time.
- Be positive, class will be a lot more fun when you maintain a positive attitude. In order to maintain a safe and productive learning environment, there are certain expectations of myself and you the students. Therefore, the following lists simple expectations. Bar lines are vertical lines which divide the music into equal bars according to the stress pattern. Double bar lines are placed at the end of a piece of music. The staff is five lines and four spaces on which notes may be written The pitch of notes can be shown by their position on a music staff and can be named in two ways:
By the letter names A B C D E F G
By the sol – fa names d r m f s l t Quiz
Who was Led Zeppelins original lead singer? Which record label signed the Rolling Stones in 1991? ‘I get around’ was a hit for which group? Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of what pop group? Grunge music originated in which American city? Answers
Robert Plant
Beach Boys
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