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Santa Maria Improvement

Speech 102 - Project 2 - Provide a solution to a problem in Santa Maria

Iron Man

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Santa Maria Improvement

The Coalition for the Establishment of Santa Maria State University (SMSU)

Santa Maria Today
The economical and developmental benefits.
But is that really helping Santa Maria grow out of it's agricultural base? Or even utilizing it?
A look into Santa Maria's future and how we can improve it.

As presented by:

A Strong potential
A brighter future.
A rich culture.
The simple truth of our situation.
Santa Maria, as it is today, does not offer what graduates and other highly skilled workers look for in a home.
People Are Leaving.

The corporate development.
The commercial backbone.
The variety of resources that valuable potential residents look for in a future home.
We lack:
And they do not intend to return.
We can change that
By establishing a state university, we would be able to expand Santa Maria's economical scope, further diversify our already rich culture, and give our city a compelling base from which to offer more to both current, and future residents.
Encouraging Growth
Through creative means that will give back to the community three-fold.
Mission Statement
To plan for the orderly growth of the City, consistent with the goals and objectives of the community's General Plan, to process projects quickly and efficiently consistent with the public's interest and safety in mind, and to provide departmental services in a courteous and responsible manner.
How this can help. Why we we need to do this.
Provide training for all Building Inspectors to successfully pass the CASp (accessibility certification).
Continue to update Building forms and exhibits to reflect the most recent Code amendments
Review Building procedures in order to further streamline the plan check review process those are only some of the few that they are planning to do for the city of Santa Maria.

A Bleak Future
As for right now Santa maria isn't really focusing on the fact that we need to really expand and not focus on just agriculture as our only source of income.

By building a university, not only will we help the economy, but we will help ourselves. We can transform this small city into something more than what it is today.

It's not that we are solely focused on trying to change Santa Maria from it's agricultural base, we are proud of that side of our culture, it's that we are trying to make the city itself grow.
"Total economic impact is the sum of the direct expenditures in the area and their indirect stimulus effects."
It has been proven a success on several occasions (Northridge, Merced, Claremore).
More college students in a county leads to higher service-sector employment and positive impacts on a local economy.
In Northridge: A 50,000 ~ 60,000 increase in jobs created indirectly or directly by the establishment of a University.
“Study revealed that the impact of Deakin on the [...] areas of Warrnambool and Moyne is $52 million in output, $36 million in gross regional product and $16 million in household income.”
“When the expenditure of students is added, and the flow-on effects taken into account, those figures increase to $62 million in output, $42 million in GRP and $18 million in household income. Deakin Warrnambool and its students generate 261 full time equivalent jobs to the economy of Warrnambool and Moyne.”
-Steinacker, A
-Steinacker, A
-The Economic Effect of Urban Colleges on their Surrounding Community
The Side Effects

Residential Segregation

Increase in Competition for Local Jobs

Temporal Population Spikes and Traffic
Many of these are temporary in nature. They will be resolved with time and acclimation as the city evolves and embraces the new activity that will come with a university.
A simple way to help ease many of these side-effects comes from proper locational planning.
But keep in mind:
A Discussion on Location
Utilizing the fact that Santa Maria is surrounded by mountains and have so many fields all around, why not base the school where the fields are?
In order to build a State University, we need to hit these certain regulations for a build.

HEIGHT: 40 ft. 4
LANDSCAPING: 15% of the land area.
Costs and Funding
“Three central areas of factors affecting school construction costs are:
a)state regulatory structures,
b)local school politics, practices, and design, and
c)regional market conditions.”
- Pg. 8, UC Merced Construction Report.
Grants from City/State to offset overall costs.
Accoriding to Higher Educational Online, "The 2001-2002 budgets for Uc Merced contained $162 million for most of it's construction, of the first permanent buildings, even though the location of the campus is still in doubt."
How long a project of this scale will take before it begins to benefit our community?
According to an article in the LA Times:
"In 1999 the state pushed its open date UC Merced to 2005."

Santa Maria's Current and Potential Future
In Conclusion
" It is not the 4.6 GPA student who is going to make the true difference in the world. Instead, it is going to be that B or C level student, who is pushing himself to get that achievement, who is going to make the difference."
With your support, we can move forward and make a positive difference in our community that will influence many generations to come.

It is time to stop watching Santa Maria idly improve. We need to play an active role in shaping our future, instead of just watching it slip by. We need to realize that people are leaving, and Santa Maria, while slightly increasing, is losing effective population.
Establishing a State University would expand Santa Maria's economical scope, further diversify our already rich culture, and give our city a more compelling base from which to offer more to both current, and future residents.
It will set in motion the type of growth that can, and will give us:
The corporate development.
The commercial backbone.
The variety of resources that valuable potential residents look for in a future home.
It will keep people from leaving.
It will bring new businesses
It will grow our economy
It will give us something else we can be proud of.
Tying It All Together
It will bring people back.
- Julie Posada
Director of Commercial Services at VTC Enterprises
Q & A
Any questions?
Some general info regarding the university
We figure that to build a school this big, it would also take that long for our university, or approximately 6 years.
"In some places quite a bit of anti-student feeling can be generated by what has come to be called the process of 'studentification', a phenomenon which has become a significant force in many towns and cities with the growth of so many universities and other higher-education institutions."
"students are usually highly concentrated residentially. Statistically the population of students tends to show a high degree of segregation from nonstudents. "
"Students also have the potential to produce wider labor market impacts too, including competition with other local young people for jobs."
- Nigel Thrift
- Nigel Thrift
- Nigel Thrift
In order to offset this. We could run a "buy-in" project, such as when a business will take a donation and put your name on it. Also we could lobby for a grant from the government or the state, and build from that.
Businesses are closing (Where is our mall?)
Slow improvement
Fallas Discount Store to replace Mervyn's
Police to receive $53k grant
Union Valley Parkway Phase 3 Broadway to Hummel Drive Construction
Focus on continued recreational events
“will reduce number of alcoholic beverages sales to minors, obviously intoxicated patrons, illegal solicitations of alcohol, and other criminal activity”
- Santa Maria Times
Where it can be:
Flow through From Hancock
Military Contracts
Residency Status
Location Near The Freeway
This will be a State University
It will be located off the Stowell exit
Our emblem will emphasize our dominant fields of study.
Our proposed mascot is the Bobcat, but will be left to a vote
Construction can be left to innovative approaches, such as inviting graduates to help in the construction and to give a more personal and creative touch
Our emblem will reflect our strengths and culture
The cross and badge for our focus on Medicine and Police Training
A strawberry and vineyard for our culture and origin
A beaker and stars for our focus on the sciences
Our court house building for where all this became possible
Imagine a future
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