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Ebook Presentation

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Steven Chase

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of Ebook Presentation

e-books e-readers books content inseparable from container In the digital world content is not container specific (content) (container) Follett Titlewave ebrary Overdrive Pros of ebooks Multiple copies online take up less space
Searching text is easier
Users will increasingly expect digital formats
Portability - you can have multiple books on an e-reader
Potential for easy manipulation of text (the technology needs to catch up to user needs)
Potential for notetaking (technology needs to catch up) Cons of ebooks Lack of Convergence - materials bought for one device may not work on another
Price of materials
Access vs. Ownership
Reading on Computer is an eye-strain
Dependant on battery power What's a Library to Do? Acquisition Models 1 - Materials accessible via catalog 2 - Materials accessible via owner's personal device 3 - Prepopulate ereaders and allow users to check out the hardware What's a Library to Do? Private School > As much as we can! 1 - Make Materials accessible via catalog Purchase material through Follett or some other company? 2 - Can we make materials accessible on personal devices? Not yet. Services like Overdrive are expensive. 3 - Buy ebook readers and circulate them It's worth a shot! NCS has purchased 2 iPads Things to Consider Expensive when circulating
Consider lost charges/ only making accessible in the library Trends E-Reader devices will eventually become less proprietary - the market will demand it
Apps for iPad, etc. could provide possible free content or better access to existing content Things to Consider:

Students will need to log into Follett to securely access ebooks
Follett e-reader software will have to be downloaded onto library computers
How will we catalog ebook materials?
Acquisition policy
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