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Asian Countries

Country name, Region, Capital, Population, Area, GDP per capita (nominal), Major religons

Jenny Iruela

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Asian Countries

Asian Countries Presented by: Jenny Central Asia Kazakhastan Capital: Astana
Area: 2,724,900 km
GDP per capita:178,312
Major Religions: Muslim, Christian, and Buddhists Capital: Bishkek
Population: 5,532,710
Area: 199,900
GDP per capita: 5,920
Major Religions:
Islam and Muslim Kyrgyzstan Capital: Dushanbe
Population: 7,849,579
Area: 143,100
GDP per Capita: 6,523
Major Religion: Muslim Tajikistan Turkmenistan Capital: Ashgabat
Population: 5,526,406
Area: 488,100
GDP per Capita: 25,742
Major Religion: Muslims and Eastern Orthodox Church Uzbekistan Capital: Tashkent
Population: 28,850,508
Area: 447,400
GDP per Capita: 45,353
Major Religion: Muslim and Russian Orthodox Christianity East Asia People's Republic of China Capital: Beijing
Population: 1,339,724,852
Area: 9,596,961
GDP per Capita: 7,298 Trillion
Major Religion: Buddhism and Chinese Folk Religions Hong Kong Capital: Hong Kong
Population: 7,061,200
Area: 1,104
GDP per Capita: 243.302 billion
Major Religion: Chinese Folk Religions and Buddhism Japan Capital: Tokyo
Population: 127,950,000
Area: 377,930
GDP per Capita: 5.869 Trillion
Major Religions: Buddhism and Shinto Macau Capital: Macau
Population: 556,800
Area: 30
GDP per Capita: 21.700 billion
Major Religion: Buddhism Mongolia Capital: Ulaanbaatar
Population: 2,809,600
Area: 1,564,100
GDP per Capita: 8.506 billion
Major Religion: Buddhism and Islam North Korea Capital: Pyongyang
Population: 24,346,000
Area: 120,538
GDP per Capita: 32.7 billion
Major Religion: Korean Shamanism South Korea Capital: Seoul
Population: 48,988,833
Area: 99,828
GDP per Capita: 1.163 trillion
Major Religion: Christian, Protestants, Roman Catholic, and Buddhist Taiwan Capital: Taipei
Population: 23,174,528
Area: 36,188
GDP per Capita: 466.424 billion
Major Religions: Buddhism, Taoism, and Roman Catholic North Asia
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