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Running on Empty

Are you in the driver's seat or in need of a long pit stop?

Will Gourley

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Running on Empty

Running on Empty
Now where?
Random Important Fact Time:
The human brain is only 3% of your total body mass, occupies every aspect of your life, and consumes 20% of all energy you take in.
What are the signs?
Mood swings
Constantly tired
Lack of motivation
Aggressive behaviours
Reacts vs. responds
weight loss/gain
Sources of stress
for Students

poor student relationships
expectations vs. reality
crowded conditions
home situation
sleep habits
What works?
The choice is (y)ours.
Humour...laugh, share your humanity
to them via stories, pics, videos
Are you in the driver's seat when it comes to issues of mental health of your learners?
How about yourself?
Brain based research shows that when someone feels threatened, tired, hungry or stressed, they are incapable of learning.

Have you ever noticed this in your class or staffroom?
Are these signs
you've seen before?
Are there others?
Let's discuss with an activity.
How full is your tank?
Is it important to manage emotional stress?
Negative states and disengagement contribute to lower cognitive performance (Matthews et al. 2002).
Positive states improve performance on many cognitive tasks
(Ashby et al 1999).
Evidence suggests that when students feel good about the teacher and learning, achievement rises.
Sources of stress for Staff available.
You do not
have to solve the problem all the time. You may be the only person who took the time to care.
Useful resources for further info

Further online resources
All it takes is 10 Mindful Minutes
Are the problems...
Put on the back burner?
In other words it is the single most important part of your existence. And when it is hurt, or in distress, it will impact everything and everyone.
underestimate the power of encouragement.
Thank you.
Twitter @willgourley
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