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luis wilson

No description

Deborah Wilson

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of luis wilson

Can You Guess My My animal is prey for: 1:Lions 2:Hyenas 3:Leopards My animal has the following physical adaptations: 1:Spine 2:Legs 3:Claws 4:Tail 5:Camouflage 6:Good eyesight The behavior adaptations are, 1:Hunts late and early afternoon. 2:lives alone. 3:hunts in gropes. 4:trips pray then bites neck. My animal habitat is a long, hot, and flat savanna. My animal is almost extinct because humans kills my animal for the skin. Lions ????????? Gazelles Grass this is a energy pyramid, the ??? means it's my animal. Some fun facts of my animal is..... 1:My animal is the fastest land animal. 2:My animal can go 70 MPH. 3:The eagle eats my animal cubs.:( 4:My animal have a special claw on there back foot that helps them to stop immediately when they run. 5:My animal get tired easily. My animal is a.... Cheetah!!!!!!! My animal is a carnivore, that means it eat meat. Animal? hurry up and guess!!
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