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Perspectives on technology

No description

Tom August

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Perspectives on technology

Perspectives on Technology
Tom August & David Roy
Technological advances have made it easier to gather a greater diversity and quantity of data
Data collection
Historic naturalism
Public participation required high motivation and effort
Websites & Smartphones
Quality assurance
Online communities, data repositories and reference material all help to improve data quality
iSpot supports collaborative identification of wildlife images, including elements of gamification
The NBN record cleaner aims to standardise data and highlight outliers
Analytical development
Methods are required to analyse, visualise and disseminate information
Species trends
Methods have been developed to account for the known spatial and temporal biases in occurrence datasets
The Sparta R-package makes these methods freely available and contributed to the State of Nature report
Feedback and
community engagement
Engaging users by feeding back data and information promote engagement
"The more instantaneously feedback can be provided, the more motivating it is"
User specific output
An early atlas
Paper records made analysis of data time-consuming
iRecord and associated apps and websites allow easy data entry
Common sense project:
Handheld pollution sensor with inbuilt GPS allows detailed mapping of pollution
Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science
Balloon and kite mounted cameras document effects of Deep Horizon oil spill
iSpot users have made over 200,000 observations
Flowering plants
Species distribution models and future predictions
Compare species at a location
View distributions
Fraxinus is a pattern matching Facebook game that addresses ash dieback. The game helps scientists to identify regions of the ash genome that may be important for resistance to identify.
Create websites to connect, work with, and share data, building online communities
iRecord Indicia data warehouse has collated 750,000 observations in last year
Sound analysis
Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle
New technologies allow complex sound analysis, including species identification
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