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Senior Project

Babies having Babies

Jennifer Edmonds

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Senior Project

Babies having Babies By: Jennifer Edmonds What did I do for my project? I told Mrs. Stanley's parenting class my story I gave out surveys to the class about personal questions and all were left anonymous Survey # 1 Have you ever? ?'s asked...
- Have you ever had sex?
- Have you ever had unprotected sex?
- Do you know someone who has had unprotected sex?
- Do you know someone who is pregnant in high school or was?
- Do you know someone who wants to be pregnant? I put results on the board from the survey and shared a short photostory on my life before and after I found out I was pregnant. I created some discussion questions that I would go over with the girls after the video. We had an open discussion about everything the girls had questions on, concerns or experiences they wanted to talk about. I gave out pamphlets that I made for the girls about abstinence, my relationship advice and more. Why did I choose to do this project? I felt like girls would listen more to someone their age and someone who is currently experiencing the consequences of not waiting. I could relate to more circumstances the girls would tell me since i've pretty much been through it all. I want to inform young teenagers that if I knew what I knew now, I would have most certainly waited to have sex. I want them to know that it isn't like it's made to be on the MTV show, 16 & pregnant. It is actually difficult to go through so young. It also costs tons of money just for doctor visits before having the baby. Obstacles Talking about my personal life with girls I have never spoken to was difficult. Procrastination!!! Being sick from months 1-3 didn't motivate me to work on my senior project which led to PROCRASTINATION!! Project-Paper Connection I wrote about statistics of child abuse and why the government should mandate parenting classes in order to prevent child abuse from happening. I also wrote about the signs of child abuse.
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