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Systems Thinking

No description

Kimberley Smith

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Systems Thinking

Understanding our service from the students' perspective Are we giving our students what they want (when they want it)?

Or just what we think they want?

The appointments system was created as it is for good reasons: but is there room for improvement? So how does it feel to be a student trying to navigate our system? It may be easy to get an appointment but is it easy to get help? Like this?

Or like this? Separation of front and back office Difficult to absorb variety into the current system Are the students satisfied? Observations from the hub... Expertise is not at the front line: requests get passed on Things we know now Things we would like to know -An appointment may not always be the right answer

-The function of the hub is more akin to a call centre or reception than a place to receive help

-Seperation of front and back office can prevent students getting the help they need

-Our definitions and systems make sense to us but can leave students feeling confused -Focus on the sub system 'help me get to the next stage of the application system'

-Start measuring the % of successful outcomes

-Start recording the % of cases where students are happy with the support received 'Just to clarify when booking the short feedback session do we just click anything of the appointments (like cv or application) as there is no option for tomorrows managers feedback?' Attend a short guidance appointment to discuss your completed Career Action Plan
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