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UWW Honors Learning Community

Why should I join?

UWW Honors

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of UWW Honors Learning Community

Incoming students always wonder... Why join the UWW Honors Learning Community? Recently, twenty students from our sophomore and freshman Learning Communities went to a YMCA camp together The sophomore students initiated this experience, having so enjoyed going to the camp together as freshmen. 1. Balance your classes and social life 9. Target Success 2. Focus on your goals 6. Explore our world 7. Explore your own values, limits, and skills 8. Reach new h
s 3. Enjoy Support from your peers 5. Make new friends 4. Learn valuable leadership skills These pictures show why - 10 reasons why - YOU should join the
Honors Learning Community! 10. Make an impact Hopefully these 10 reasons have convinced you that there’s one step you can take to make your freshman year memorable and successful… UWW > Admissions > Learning Community > Honors Connections
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