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SEAS September Meeting

No description

Ginny Lang

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of SEAS September Meeting

CONGRESS II A STRONG message from families
and providers
has always been:
Make it easy for families and providers
to know who to call
The answer:
A single phone and fax number Single Entry Access to Services (SEAS)

One phone and fax number
Centralized intake
Same forms across agencies
Data collecting and sharing
Care Navigator to help families
and providers Agenda SEAS Congress II Goals
Identify a new home agency for SEAS
Understand the support the new
SEAS home agency needs from
Identify potential funding streams
and resources
Move the project forward and leave
with a sense of accomplishment Quick Recap
The History Long-term Vision:

Proposed CYSHCN Model of Care
Co-located Family Services Center SEAS Anticipated Outcomes
Earlier detection and fewer
“missed” children
Streamlined, family-friendly
Increased efficiency
Decreased duplication of effort
Increased collaboration among
community agencies SEAS Anticipated Outcomes

Shared intake form
Centralized data collection
Information sharing procedures
System navigation materials
Funding strategy for cost sharing
Community awareness of SEAS number
and local services for CYSHCN Completed
Whatcom Community Foundation
grant received

Planning workshops in progress to develop:
Infrastructure for shared intake and data sharing procedures
Funding strategy for sharing costs and staffing among partner agencies SEAS Anticipated Outcomes

Shared intake form
Centralized data collection
Information sharing procedures
System navigation materials
Funding strategy for cost sharing
Community awareness of SEAS number and local services for CYSHCN Completed
System navigation materials have
been posted on web, including:

Comprehensive resource directory
Family-friendly, practical handouts
Multi-agency calendar
Social networking (Facebook) Completed

SEAS phone and fax are in use
Provider fax referral form in use
Beginning to inform community of SEAS
The first SEAS Congress on July 26
And now..the second SEAS Congress on September 26, 2012 Follow-up from last Congress

The SEAS Care Navigator
How SEAS Will Work The Care Navigator IS:

Familiar with and sensitive to the needs and unique issues of families with CYSHCN
Well versed in the services available from all providers
An experienced interviewer who can engage the caller
A dedicated position with the time to help the family/provider find the right resources
A valuable resource for providers as well as families The Care Navigator
A clerical or entry-level
A receptionist
A case manager SEAS Physical Site Needs

Located in an existing agency
Confidential and accessible location
for phone or in-person contacts
Computer with internet access
Interpreter service access
Service navigation materials How SEAS will work ……
Calls and Referrals from:
Health Care Providers
Service Providers
Others Incoming Calls and Referrals to
SEAS Care Navigator
Documents referral information
Initiates the shared intake form
Mails consent to exchange information
Refers and connects family to community
Follows up with family to assure connection
Informs referring provider of outcome of
referral SEAS Care Navigator also:

Tracks and documents SEAS contacts and
Provides resource information and
consultation to community
Develops and maintains service navigation
Provides community outreach How will SEAS benefit my agency?

You can save staff time
By making one phone call to start identifying
the best help for a family
By avoiding multiple calls
By identifying/providing necessary services
By directing to SEAS children/families who do
not fit your mandate
By giving the SEAS number to the family to call How will SEAS benefit my agency?

You can save money
By not spending effort/energy researching
resources and making multiple referrals
By finding the right referrals at the right time
By focusing on your area of expertise while
other needs for the family are met elsewhere
By collaborating and data sharing Discussion

Potential SEAS home agencies
Necessary community
Funding Streams Potential SEAS Home Agencies
Updates on interim
What can agencies
commit to providing? Necessary Community Supports
What help would SEAS home
agency need? Shared Cost Strategies
In-kind contributions
Shared Staffing
Fund Development Strategy to Accomplish
the Vision

Develop and implement
each component How will SEAS benefit my agency?

You can access up-to-date information
About specific special needs and
related issues of family life
About county-wide supports and
About referrals Funding Models
Percentage Basis
Specific Cost Basis
Annual Rotation
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