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What is the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom?

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Faith Dullavin

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of What is the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom?

Thanks for listening!!
Individual rights
What is the role of Charter of rights?
Let me tell you this.....
Before the charter came to power/affect. Many of other Canadians laws are protected. Many of the rights and freedoms that is now together in it.

Example: The Canadian bill of rights, which parliament enacted in 1960.

Note: Charter of rights is different from the Canadian bill of rights.
What is the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom?
Canadian Charter of rights is one of the Canadian Constitution. The constitution is sets of law, that contains the basic rules about how our country(Canada) operates.
For example, it has/contains the power of federal government and other provincial governments in Canada.
The Charter of

rights and freedoms.

What are the different sections of the charter rights and freedoms?
Individual rights are when you are entitled to as a person. When you get something and yours.its only
The Charter sets out rights and freedoms that Canadians believe(necessary) in a free and democratic society. Some of the rights and freedoms in the Charter are:

Freedom and expression
The rights to a democratic government
The right to live and to seek employment anywhere in Canada.
Legal rights of persons accused of crimes
Aboriginal peoples rights
The right to equality, including the equality of men and woman.
The right to use either of Canada's official languages.
The right of French and English linguistic minorities to an education in their language.
The protection of Canada's multicultural heritage.
Lets move
There are 12 sections in the Canadian charter of rights. They are:

1. Guarantee of rights and freedoms

2. Fundamental Freedoms

3. Democratic Rights

4. Mobility rights

5. legal rights

6. Equality Rights

7. Official Languages of Canada

8. Minority languages educational rights

9. Enforcement

10. General

11. Application of Charter

12. Citation

Collective rights
Made by Paola

and Faith

Collective rights are based on a idea that a certain
groups can claim particular right.
Have a wondertastic day!!!!
Now Here is a Video:
Hope you learn something
This is a really fun video to watch!!!
Listen Carefully!
Listen up passengers! Our next stop is the charter of rights and freedoms.!
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