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Copy of How Coca Cola became digital marketing rock stars!

Why digital marketers owe Coca Cola a drink...

Jenny Ma

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of How Coca Cola became digital marketing rock stars!

MSI All-in-One PC meets all the needs among different age and users :
Why we need Flicker Free? How Damage is the Blue Light?
Protect our Earth , And Saving your Money
Easy, Saving Energy and Instantly Connection
2014 AIO New Software Update
*Get Paid from Windows Store only
*Support 17 languages
*Import article text data and RSS feeds
*Support share page
*Original Windows 8 APP
msi Ordering Application
* Data Upload
* Pattern Setting
* List Setting
What is Copy and Send?
Whatever It's news, pictures or links from web-sides, Copy & Send can automatically collect any images or text that you want to copy or cut.
Simple click it and send to the cloud or any others devices.
Corporate Governance

- Environmental policy環境政策
-Public welfare
- Employees care

These are all questions and concerns which every medium must answer, and to which digital is slowly providing the answers...
All you need is ALL IN ONE keep you in perfect order & one single device
Are you still suffering this uncomfortable & disorder?
All my family members love MSI AIO!!
Store Experience with msi AIO
Gamer- Heavy User
Example Adora24
More Comfortable and Reduce Eyes Fatigue
Fulfill All you Needs for Business Solution- Light POS
Example- Clinic
Zara International - Spain
Manufacturer of fashion clothes
Cashier/ check the stock
Nathalys with 37 shops - France
Luxury shop of clothes and furniture for baby
Pharmacy Adler - Germany
Check inventory, cashier
CAE - Healthcare business in USA
Using All-in-One PC as a medical appliance to check the dummy’s health condition.
Colegio la Presentación - Colombia
Digital books for both students and teachers
Instant communication tools in the classroom.
Tony Roma’s / Restaurants - Chile
As an order machine for customers
Run Ads, call waiters, play games...etc
TELEHEALTHCARE solution. - Malaysia
e-doctor system, consult doctor through the cloud from long distance.
International Education Institute ION - Indonesia
Digital books for both students and teacher
Information Desk/ Reception
Computer Classroom - Thailand
Instant control and teaching between teacher and students.
Classroom Multi-media Device
Art Exhibition Joan Miró- Taiwan
Drawing game for art education and Entertainment.
Interactive Demonstration.
Exhibition/ VisitorRego - New Zealand
Visitor registration, check information
Exposition / Autopromotec -Italy
Products demo and gain the best
operating experience for users
Le Meridien 5* International Hotel - Algeria
Display All-in-One PC’s at the resting area as
Internet-connected devices.
Furniture Store - Kuwai
Stylish checkout counter
Selecting favorite articles to design your home with one finger touch
Riyadh Colleges Of Dentistry and Pharmacy
Replacement of Conventional paper exam, Research, cases study with All-in-One PC’s
El Cortez / 5 * Hotel Restaurant - Bolivia
As a réception, reservation control and provide customers service request
27 inch
Desktop PC evolution to msi ADORA
2014 Product Line
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