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ACARA - General Capabilities

An overview of the expected general capabilities to be addressed throughout the Australian Curriculum.

Andrew Stark

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of ACARA - General Capabilities

General Capabilities
in the
Australian Curriculum General capabilities are represented to different degrees in each of the learning areas. While the primary development of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT capability is based in English, Mathematics and Technologies respectively, the development and application of these capabilities across the curriculum is essential (and expected). While Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Behaviour and Intercultural Understanding focus on ways of being, behaving and learning to live with others all learning involves some personal, social, ethical and cultural dimensions. Student learning is enhanced when the capabilities work in combination with other capabilities, learning areas and cross-curriculum priorities. For example: Year 8 Mathematics – Statistics and probability
'Investigate reports of surveys in digital media and elsewhere for information on how data were obtained to estimate population means and medians'
combines Numeracy, ICT Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Ethical Behaviour. Year 2 Science as a Human Endeavour
'People use science in their daily lives, including when caring for their environment and living things'
combines Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Behaviour and Sustainability. For example, the social and cultural nature of the following content descriptions provides opportunities for the inclusion of Personal and Social capability and Intercultural Understanding. Year 6 Historical knowledge and understanding
'The contribution of individuals and groups, including Aboriginal people and/or Torres Strait Islanders and migrants, to the development of Australian society, for example in areas such as the economy, education, science, the arts, sport'. Year 10 English Literature
'Compare and evaluate a range of representations of individuals and groups in different historical, social and cultural contexts'.
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