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Oprah Winfrey

No description

Ashtyn Drish

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey
Life with her Father
Oprah's father was very important in her life. He quizzed her and helped her improve her grades and her life. She became very involved in her school work and activities.
Oprah was in many pageants for example, Miss Fire Prevention in 1971, Miss Black Nashville, and Miss Black Tennessee which got her a scholarship to Tennessee University.
Oprah was raised by her mother and grandmother. She lived on a farm with no neighbor children to play with. Oprah's family was very religious, so Oprah grew up reading the Bible.
At the age of three, Oprah recited scriptures from the bible. In grade school she was above all the other kids. She skipped kindergarten going straight into first grade.
Oprah went to high school with no African Americans. It was difficult making friends and enjoying school. In tenth grade, she was on the honor roll and participated in drama club, speech and debate team. Her senior year she was the student council vice president.
Oprah grew up without much hope for a future. It was very difficult living with her mother. Oprah got in lots of trouble. Vernita eventually couldn't take care of Oprah, so she sent her to live with her father.
Oprah's parents were very young and not ready to have a child. Vernita Lee was eighteen and Vernon Winfrey was twenty.Oprah lived mostly with her grandma, Hattie Mae Lee, because her father did not want to care for her. When her grandma got ill they moved to Milwaukee.
Oprah didn't finish college. She got offered a job as a newscaster right out of high school. She later got a job as a broadcaster on live television. Oprah was very good at it. Eventually getting her own show called the "Opah Winfrey Show".
Oprah made and supports the Big Sister Organization. She was in a movie called "The Color Purple" and was the excutive producer of "Their Eyes Were Watching God"
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Struggle and Obstacles
Oprah had a rough childhood. She was in poverty most of her life and was treated differntly because of her race. Growing up with her mother was not easy, she was never home because she was always working.
My own Thoughts
If I could interview Oprah I would ask her many questions. I would ask her if it was difficult growing up and getting a good education. Did her dad help her through her rough times? When she was a kid, how did she imagine her future? I believe that she would answer these with a lot a thought and confidence. I imagine she would say it was difficult growing up and getting an education, but her father helped her through and pushed her to her full potential. I wonder what Oprah would say about her future, I really don’t know.

Ashtyn Drish
Kaska 3
Ashtyn Drish
Kaska 3
I chose Oprah Winfrey for this project because she is a very amazing person. She has done many great things in her lifetime. I believe she has helped many and has made their future better. Oprah was more interesting than I thought she would be. As you read more you will understand what I am talking about.

Oprah is a role model for many people, she has helped and supported many children and adults. I have learned a lot from Oprah and am glad I researched her.
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