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on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Latin Portfolio
Final Portfolio
Latin first attempt
This video is from the beginning of the
year when i first attempted the translation and the grammar from stage 28. The first time i read this i didn't understand the majority of the words, and answered almost none of the questions.

The slave and I quickly returned to the house Barbillus. Much blood was pouring out of Barbillus' wound. Phormio, who was accustomed to take care of the wounded slaves, tore up his own tunic ; around the shoulder part of Barbillus' tunic was tied up. However, the blood was flowing.

The slave, who was carrying Barbillus, entered the bedroom where, he gently placed him on his couch. Two slave girls were standing and crying near the couch. Phormio threw the slave girls out of the bedroom and called the slave to himself.
"it is necessary for you," he said, "to search for a large number of cobwebs. When the blood was pouring out, nothing was better than the cobwebs."

The slave hurried through the whole house, searching for cobwebs; a big uproar was lifted up. Phormio, after the slaves carried many cobwebs to the bedroom, placed them onto the shoulder of his master. The astrologer saw the slave girls cry, and listened to the shout of the slaves. At once they burst into Barbillus' bedroom, exclaiming:
"Surely you foresee this? Oh a terrible day! Oh poor master!"
"Have you cured him?" he asked anxiously.
"I have a certain cure," responded the astrologer. "It is easy for me to heal Barbillus, because we astrologers are real doctors. The cure therefore, we can obtain for Barbillus. It is a cure, because the Chaldeans handed it over to us. It is necessary for me to capture the first black mouse. Then I want to cut up the caught mouse. Finally, I want to place it on Barbillus' shoulder. This is the only cure."

Suddenly, Barbillus, who listened to the astrologer, opened his eyes. After giving me a weak sign, he whispered into my ear.
"Search for Petro, good doctor!"
Phormio, who knew Petro well, was thrown out of the house at once. And so the manger was searching for the doctor, astrologer, and mouse.
I selected this translation for multiple reasons. To begin, the translation is from stage 20 which is the stage i am currently on. Selecting a translation from my current stage exemplifies all the grammar and vocabulary that i learned throughout the year. Also i feel that this was a translation that utilized different grammar topics than others in the stage that is why i felt that it was important to show that i have used stage 20 grammar correctly in my translations.
For the culture section in stage 15, I learned about The Celts. It talked about Celtic who was one of the most known of the Celtic Gods. The culture expressed how the Romans and The Celtics got along well. I also I learned about the Iceni, and their rulers who's names were Boudica and Cartimandua. Lastly I read the about Cogidubnus. He was the king of the Regneses, it mentioned a slab of stone that was found in Chichester near the south east coast in the year 1723 with Latin words inscribed in it.
In the Stage 16 Culture, I read about The Palace at Fishbourne While people have gone back to the sight in previous years they have found the remains of earlier wooden buildings, which dating all the way back to the time of the Roman Empire. After people revisited the sight they now believe that the Romans first used Fishbourne as a military port or a supply base. I also learned about how the General Vespasian became emperor and began building Fishbourne in 75 AD.
Relative Clauses
- A relative clause is used to describe a noun.
- A relative clause is introduced by a relative pronoun.

1. The king, who was holding the scepter, was sitting in the atrium.
2. The wine, which Salvius was drinking, was very good.
3. The slave-girl, who aid of the mistress, hurried to the house.
4. The dog, who was leading Bregans, was very ferocious.
5. There were many British people in the street, who were delaying the Romans.
6. Dinner, which Volubilis was preparing, was excellent.

- All nouns belong to one have three genders: masculine, feminine, or neuter.
- All adjectives must agree in gender (as well as in case and number) with the nouns they describe.

1. Effigiem ceratam - accusative, singular, feminine
2. Fabros callidos - accusative, plural, masculine
3. Ancilla ignava - nominative, singluar, feminine
4. Regi Britannico - dative, singluar, feminine
5. Praecursoribus iratis - ablative, plural, masculine
6. Horreum novum - accusative, single, neuter
I selected this about the language because it gave me the most trouble and was hard for me to get a grasp of, but is now a very important aspect of Latin, and i am glad i learned it.
How Latin Helps
Latin has helped me outside the classroom as well. When i am trying to figure out words that are unfamiliar to me i remember the latin derivatives and how i figure them out. Latin has made reading difficult literature easier for me.
The second time i took the stage 28 sheet i understood a lot more than in the beginning of the year. Although i am on stage 20 i understood the questions much better and was able to translate the majority of the translation.
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