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Trip to Dublin 2014- IES Los Rosales

No description

Andrea Cagüe Vera

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Trip to Dublin 2014- IES Los Rosales


Malahide Castle
Trinity College and Dublin Castle
A historical day
Wicklow Gaol and Avoca
It's raining cats and dogs!
We are going to Dublin!
Waiting for the plane, you can
feel the emotion !
Too much free time
in the Dutyfree
First day in Ireland and it's rainy, what a surprise!

We are real Dubliners
First, we went to
the Cliff Walk,
a path which
connects Bray,
our little home,
and Greystones,
our neighbour.
Two hours later, we started our tour in Dublin's heart
We visited the masterpieces
of the city, and we learnt
a lot about the capital of Ireland.
Mix of cultures: Ireland, "German", and Spain
Monday, 8:30, we start
our English course
at ATC School.
After lunch, we took the train
to Malahide, and visited its Castle,
which belonged to the Talbot Family.
That day, we saw the Trinity College:
the university, the Book of Kells and
the Old Library; and later we
continued with Dublin Castle.
Leprechaun for a day!
Teachers had fun too ;)
An enormous and funny experience
Spain has its own
leprechaun, Angel!
Collins Barracks,
when you
can find all about Irish
and its history till
An enjoyable experience dressing up
The terrifying gaol of Wicklow,
where you will see the
cells and the story of
its inhabitants.
Avoca, weaving a hug
We wanted to spend a day visiting Glendalough, but the capricious weather didn't think the same, so we change the plans into a shopping day in Dundrum!
Our trip on a video!
It's time to say goodbye
We said to Dublin: see you soon!
We miss you :(
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