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Nikki Jones & Meghan Ship, of Porter Traditional School, invite you to expand your Web 2.0 toolkit by exploring these popular tools that they have successfully implemented in 1st through 8th grade classrooms. See how they've linked up with QR Codes!

Nikki Jones

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of SCANAPALOOZA#2

Nikki Jones & Meghan Ship
Presentation Goals
This presentation will...
discuss QR Codes on "the next level"
explore popular Web 2.0 tools and how they can be connected to QR Codes
discuss ideas for integration in your classroom
Technology in Education
Blendspace is an online platform where teachers (or students) can easily collect and share multimedia materials in a visually appealing way! It is a great tool to use for "flipping the classroom." It can be used to teach a new concept, review and practice something that's already been learned, to present directions/projects, the possibilities are endless!
QR Stuff, Delivr & QR Code Maker
Yes, QR Codes have been around for awhile, but how effectively are you using them in your classroom? Today we will explore how QR Codes can be used beyond a simple self-checking device to enhance instruction as well as showcase student work!
Please take a moment to complete the Google Form feedback survey!

Presented by: Nikki Jones & Meghan Ship

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Basic QR Codes
Fist to 5

(If you can explain to the group show a 5! If you have heard this term a thousand times but have no idea show a fist (0). )
QR Code Scavenger Hunts
Edmodo Discussion and Poll
Turn and Talk
This is a great activity for extending your students’ thinking about any content area.
Scavenger Hunts can be made by either the teacher or students.

QR Codes
FETC 2013
QR Codes MEET Web 2.0 Tools
What is a Web 2.0 tool?
Educreations and Show Me
Google Forms
Symbaloo Resources
Share Out
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