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Paul Klee

No description

jamie kelleher

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Paul Klee

Paul Klee Themes -People are not defined by their jobs

-Never put on hold the things you love

-Remain true to who you are

"The war is temporary. But drawings and chocolate go forever" (992). Very experimental
Previously newspaper reporter, museum director, editor of an art/ literature review
Served in US army in Korea and Japan
Humorous work with serious intent Characterization Symbols Chocolate Paul Klee-
an Engineer-private who failed to deliver an aircraft to its destination.
He was also narrated as a painter in the story as he had spent the day with his notebook and pencil, drawing instead of doing his job which was to look after the planes. - Brought a sense of joy,
- Symbolized everyday life
- Klee did not stop everyday life for war Secrets -Secret Service's secrets thought to make them a unit
- Their secrets made them lose being an individual
- Serious and human side of the war Lily - Not taking the war seriously
- Viewing war as vacation
- Something in life that should be missing during war By: Shannon Whalen, Amanda Mendes & Jamie Kelleher Secret Police-
are 'police' who spy on Paul Klee to see how he will handle the theft of the missing plane.
They are also there to discover the ultimate secret that Paul Klee is lying about. "We are secret, we exist in the shadows, the pleasure of the comradely/brotherly embrace is one of the pleasures we are denied, in our dismal service"(992). The Secret Police are supposed to find the secrets but instead they are keeping Paul Klee's secret. "We have secrets. We have many secrets. We desire all secrets. We do not have your secrets and that is what we are after, your secrets" (990). expressionist/ surreal painter

played with color, not black and white of war
married to Lily Strumpf
Works reflect dry humor, childlike perspective, similar to Barthelme
Son: Felix Paul
Influenced by war
friends killed in battle
Saved from up front service by father "I who have never lost an aircraft have lost an aircraft. The aircraft is signed out to me. The cost of the aircraft, if it is not found, will be deducted from my pay, meager enough already"(992). Barthelme: Historic Context Paul Klee: Death for the Idea Black Humor Irony like Barthelme experimental more dedicated to living than war Barthelme pokes fun about serious matters to prove his points: "There is a secret sigh that we sigh, secretly. We yearn to be known, acknowledged, admired even. What is the good of omnipotence
if nobody knows?" (990) The secret service represents God.
Humor in repetition while revealing the distrust of religion in the 70s Stream of consciousness used humorously

"'I will become extremely frustrated. I will begin to kick the flatcar.'
The Secret Police said:
"Frustrated, he begins to kick the flatcar'" (991).

Combines repetition and experimental narrative Humor throughout story
Losing an aircraft, ridiculous notion
Repetition between Klee and the secret police
Secret service protecting the aircraft, applaud Klee when he loses it The End The Secret Police who's goal is omnipresence but yet they don't know who stole the plane. "Omnipresence is our goal. We do not even need real omnipresence. The theory of omnipresence is enough. With omnipresence, hand-in-hand as it were, goes omniscience" (990). "We are secret, we exist in the shadows, the pleasures, the pleasure of the comradely/brotherly embrace is one of the pleasures we are denied, in our dismal service" (992) "The drawing I did of the collapsed canvas is really very good. I eat a piece of chocolate. I am sorry about the lost craft but not overmuch." (992) Experimental Methods Perspective: Thoughts instead of quotations, 2 narrators

Stream of Consciousness:
"There are always unexpected delays, reroutings, backtrackings. Then the return to the base. I see Lily fairly often" (990)

"The war is interminable" (990)
"Drawings and chocolate go on war" (992) Chocolate in France part of everyday life
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