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Austin Tanzer

on 16 March 2010

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Transcript of WWII

Why were so many more civilians then soldiers killed in world war 2? The book Second Source List and Detailed Death Tolls for the Twentieth Century Hemoclysm stated that the total amount of civilians killed was anywhere from 40 to 52 million civilians killed in the war, and about 20-25 million soldiers killed. There was only about 1,700 American deaths, compared to Germany whose civilian death rate was anywhere from 940,000 to 2,700,000.
160,000 of the German civilians were Jewish.
The biggest Jewish death rate was in Poland with about 3,000,000 killed.
The only reason that Jews were killed was because they worshiped a god other then the one that Hitler worshipped. he believed that they werent "pure".
The biggest death rate in one country was the Soviet Union, with about 25 million deaths in all.
World War 2.info states that 80% of men born in the Soviet Union in 1923 did not Survive.
The exact number of deaths due to WWll is still unknown, because files were either lost or destroyed during WWll. Start at 1 minute----------end at 1:40 Bataan Death March was a march of about 75,000 prisoners of war, over 60 miles with little food or water. Many died during this march. There was both civilians, and Soldiers. High fatalities due to Beheadings, cutting of the throat, and casual shootings. Among many other things.
There was both civilians and soldiers in this march. The civilians being the ones who didn't believe in what was happening
Accounts of being forcibly marched for five to six days with no food and a single sip of water are in postwar archives including filmed reports. according to WGBH television production: The Unavoidable War.
You had a 1 in 4 chance of making it though the march. Those chances were greatly lessened when you actually got to the camp.
About 29,000 died at Camp O'Donnell Mariveles Cabcaben Limay Pilar Balanga San Fernando Capas Camp O'Donnell The Pictures in The Bataan Death march segment were all drawn and captured by Ben Steele. Bataan Death March But the question still remains
Why were there more Civilians killed in WWll then Soldiers? Adolf Hitler was a very demented and cruel man. He enjoyed watching and hearing others in dispair. He was in office for about 12 years, and during that time he did rebuild Germany greatly. But with that came many consequences, and eventually led to suicide at age 56. Hitler thought that his ethnicity and way of life was more superior then all the others and believed that killing off the others would bring world peace, and perfection. He killed everyone that were not under specific guidelines, including blonde hair, blue eyes, and no bump on the bridge of there nose. Civilians were half the problem to him, because they were not "pure" and there was so many of them. He wanted all civilians that didn't fit the specifaications, permanently eradicated. That is why so many of them died, over the soldiers. And that concludes my speech, answering why the civilian death rate was so much higher then the Soldier death rate.
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