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What is a Cardiologist?

No description

Abrar K.

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of What is a Cardiologist?

What is a Cardiologist?
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What is a Cardiologist
Cardiology is the study of the heart
A cardiologist works to find, help, and treat your heart and blood vessel from serious diseases.
Cardiologists DO NOT perform surgeries
simply diagnose the patient using Echocardiograms, perform Cardiac Catherization and utilize Ambulatory ECG
Monitor patients progress
advise lifestyle changes
Average Income
Cardiologists are payed quite a lot
The average Cardiologist can make around $270 000 to $400 000 a year
Pediatric Cardiologists make around $189 000 to $230 900 a year.
Some cardiologists that own their own self practices that are large enough can make $500 000.
Although, Canadian Cardiologists median salary is around $239 432
Working Conditions/ Setting and Work Hours
Cardiologists usually work at a self-run clinic, a hospital, or a university where they conduct research about the heart
A Cardiologist usually have nice work areas (well lit-rooms, lab rooms, etc)
The average weekly hours exceed 60 hours plus "in-calls"
This can result in staying up all night and coming in to evaluate patients at bad times
frustrating when patients do not take advice
work along side a team of other cardiologists, technologists, and nurses
Final Reflection
I believe that I can do well in this position because science has always been my favourite subject. I do want to carry it out through post-secondary and when I need to choose my job position. Even though to become a cardiologist, it may take as much as 14 years, I do believe that have enough determination to achieve that goal. I think that I can manage my time wisely enough and complete all my work so that I can continue through post secondary school and onwards.
By: Abrar K.
NOC Number is 3217
One of the worst positions to be in as a cardiologist is a pedriatic cardiologist
Although the need for them is high and well respected
the thought of seeing sick children (some that cant be cured) is very tough
High School
It is vital to know the proper steps and courses to take in high school so that you may enter university prepared
Grade 9: all mandatory classes along with computers and an art elective
Grade 10: all mandatory classes plus computers, ( french optional)
Grade 11: all mandatory classes, plus all science courses, computer science
Grade 12: english, advanced fuctions, calculus and vectors, all science's, computers
Co-op is an option and would definitely be a benifitial experience
Univeristy of Western Ontario
To become a Cardiologist, 4 years of university must be taken
courses include biology, chemistry, health sciences
all people looking towards becoming a cardiologist must have a bachelors degree in science
this is required to enter medical school
very competitive entry system
University of
Why Would You Need to Visit
a Cardiologist?
There are several reasons why you may go visit a Cardiologist
first of all, you don't go straight to cardiologist, your family physician would recommend you to one if they detect abnormalities such as fast breathing and irregular heart beats
The cardiologist would then perform a series of diagnostics with special equipment
Counsel patients about lifestyle changes to prevent heart diseases
treat heart attacks, heart diseases, and irregular heart beats
Cardiac Catherization
a small tube is placed within an artery that is then pumped to the heart to take pictures
used to relieve blockage and the functionality of the heart
Ambulatory ECG
a recording during different activities to detect abnormal heart rhythms
a machine that uses sound to create a visual image of the patients heart

*STOP @ 1:50
Related Occupations
Cardiovascular Surgeon
General Practitioner
a cardiologist can choose between whether becoming an adult cardiologist or pediatric cardiologist after completing medical school
Before becoming a certified cardiologist, they must perform 6-7 years of residency
These six years are composed of a 3 year cardiology residency then a 3 year training in the field that you choose to pursue
an adult cardiologist must take 3 years of internal medicine residency
a pediatric cardiologist must take 3 years of pediatric residency
residency pays approximatley $40 000 - $75 000 per year
CO-OP Programs
placed at a hospital.
You would watch how a cardiologist works with patients. keep the patients company, bring them food
ask questions about everything what a cardiologist does
To become a successful cardiologist, it requires.....
10-14 years of education beyond high school!!!!!!!!!!
Now that you know what a cardiologist is....
all i have to say is......
Specialist High Skills Major
program that allows students to learn specialized knowledge towards their specific path of education they want to follow
Helps in getting into good universities. colleges and apprentinceships
since the job that I am currently looking at is a cardiologist, I would take the program: health and wellness
Benefits of SHSM
Gain valuable experience
career training
suits your strengths
correct career choices, options for other career choices
still receive proper credits
a red seal embossed on your diploma
helps with admission to post-seconday education
Medical School
After obtaining a bachelor's degree in science
4 years of university
must go to medical school to learn about their specialized practice
medical school admission is very competitive so high grades are required
4 years of medical school
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Essential Skills
Determination and perseverance
Time Management
Good at science and mathematics
Team Cooperation
Program In-Depth
One of the programs offered at McMaster University is Health Science
This consists of: biology, biochemistry, cell biology, human biology, etc
Knowledge of providing valuable lifestyle changes to different patients
potentially saving someones life by clearing out clogged arteries
Working with other cardiologists so that if you do need help, it is always available
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