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Oracle Endeca Information Discovery: An Overview

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Ponniah Chidambaram

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery: An Overview

Agenda Oracle Endeca Information Discovery - An Overview Suresh
28 Feb 2013 Oracle's Portfolio for Big Data

Endeca Information Discovery : An Introduction

EID Target Customers

EID Competitors

EID Challenges in the Market

EID Components Oracle's Portfolio of Big Data Acquire:
Oracle No SQL Database
Oracle Database

Big Data Appliances
Big Data Connectors
Data Integrators

Oracle Advanced Analytics/ BI Foundation Suite
Endeca Information Discovery
Exadata DB/ In Memory Machines Endeca Information Discovery - Introduction EID - Target Customers: Oracle Existing Customers:
Existing OBIEE Customers
Existing Oracle DB Customers

New Customers:
New Customers with Disparate Systems
New Customers looking for Big Data Analysis Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is an enterprise data discovery platform for rapid, intuitive exploration and analysis of information from any combination of structured and unstructured sources EID - Competitors EID - Positioning Challenges in the Market EID - Components Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and Oracle Business Intelligence are two completely different technologies that are not (yet) integrated

OEID was really designed for eCommerce and was retrofitted for analytics.

OEID is a new product and only on the market for a year. Lots of basic analysis functionality is missing.

OEID supports a proprietary SQL like language called EQL and has serious limitations in its capabilities.

No mobile/ tablet based solution.

The business needs visualizations not available in OEID.

Unlike its competitor, Endeca is not advised for analyzing/pull information from Traditional Dataware houses. Data Visualization Vendors:

Qlik Tech's Qlik View

TIBCO's Spotfire


Traditional BI Vendors:


IBM TM1 Benefits
Unprecedented Information Visibility
Leverage Existing BI Investments
Self-Service Data Discovery
Reduced IT Costs, Better Business Decisions
Unique Features
Contextual Search, Navigation, Analytics
Dynamic Data and Metadata
Content Acquisition and Text Enrichment
In-Memory Performance EID - Pricing and Packaging Need to Decide The Approach & Way
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