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Photosynthesis vs. Cellular respiration concept Map

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Matthew Butler

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Photosynthesis vs. Cellular respiration concept Map

Photosynthesis- Is the process where the plant provides fuel for itself. Using light which is normally sunlight. Although photosynthesis is performed differently by different species.

Cellular Respiration
Photosynthetic organisms are photoautotrophs, which means that they are able to synthesize food directly from carbon dioxide and water using energy from light.

Cellular Respiration
Cellular Respiration- set of metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into adenosine triphosphate and then release waste products.

Photosynthesis vs. Cellular respiration concept Map
Cellular Respiration
Breaks molecules into smaller ones , releasing energy as the weak bonds are replaced with stronger ones.
Cellular Respiration
Need water
Electron Transport Chain
ATP Synthesis
Light Reaction
Calvin Cycle
Process is
Occurs in chloroplast
Occurs in Cytoplasm
and Mitochondria
Breaks down Glucose
Cellular Respiration is
Cellular Respiration
Photosynthesis gives energy to the plant and at the time animals need energy from other living things so they eat plants
People and animals use cellular respiration for energy. animals just have more phases.
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